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I've been playing The Witness for the last few days. It's pretty legit. I remember when everyone was offended it was $60. I'm coming around on it being worth $60. If I built that world, I'd be like fuck you, pay me.


It feels like stating the obvious, but nobody is talking about young Claire being really, really cute.


There's a panda that shares my birthday? And it's a robot?!?! Happy birthday, Robo Panda Z.


I heard it was the birthday of tacos or something like that. Happy Birthday, tacos! Also Wes, you too.


For anyone that doesn't know, Celeste is free on Xbox Live Gold right now. I've been hearing about that game all year.


I finished Timespinner and I recommend it if you really, really like SoTN. It's very much a tribute to that. Started Dragon Quest XI, which I really like so far. Been a long time since I've played such a traditional JRPG that I liked this much.


Siddartha’s Media Moments in 2018: Games

Okay, main event time.  There’s a reason these opening paragraphs suck.  I have no plan.  Let’s just jump into it. Best Game: Spider-Man Also, Best Hero because it’s Spider-Man Look, I have an inherent ...


My end of year list posting has begun. This is gonna be an all-week thing, but it's my pleasure. I like to think back on this stuff.


Siddartha’s Media Moments in 2018: Movies

Greeting and welcome to my end-of-year list…part 1.  After last year’s fiasco of creating a blog that was so stuffed with videos it didn’t load, and this year offering at least as much to talk about, I’ve ...


My end-of-year stuff has never been more daunting. I'll be splitting it up this year into multiple blogs, and probably taking my time.


Just had the most amazing fight to unlock Lucina. Neck-and-neck the whole way. It was so beautiful, Ryu wept on the battlefield after killing her ass. BTW, Ryu in this game is an absolute BEAST.


This Smash campaign is really, really good so far. It's like a Super Mario RPG or something.


Guys, I've been playing Siege for a few days now and it's really fun. It's not actually Satan, as I've been led to believe. It's a like grim, military-porn Overwatch.


Guys, the digital code for standard XB1 Siege is $15 on Amazon right now. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CZ99VW7/ref=oh%20?ie=UTF8&th=1


I was looking at League of Legends music on Spotify and realized they have a new pop-group, a metal band, other character-themed official music, and annual tournament songs. This is a connected musical universe. Is there a ska-beast or something?


I just wrapped-up my annual Halloween Monday movie marathon. The big winners were Hereditary and Mandy. Both were amazing and highly recommended. I also saw Malevolent, Pyewacket, Hold the Dark, and The Boy.


Speed Build: MG Exia

Recently I had to prep for medical stuff and therefore had 24-hours to kill. So I set myself up and built a Master Grade Exia kit over about 12 hours + 2 more later for the weapons. This was my first Gundam 00 kit after previously buil...


I've been home all day yesterday for reasons, and I did a whole Exia gunpla build in about 15 hours, while I binged American Horror Story: Cult. It was a good day.


Just finished spraying Matte Topcoat on my Gusion, and am leaving it to dry. This is gonna be something, people.


I'm just weirded-out at this point, how much the GOP is still afraid of the Clintons having sinister schemes or whatever. I don't think Bill or Hillary have given these people much thought in years. But they still hate them so, so much.


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