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I just saw Parasite and holy shit. I didn't want to do a 2019 movies blog before seeing it and I was right. Go into that movie as blind as possible if you see it.


I wish a Merry Christmas to my favorite online community, and a happy New Year.


Media Moments 2019: Video Games

Finally, the blessed medium. The one where you control what’s on the TV. Chewy, we’re home. Let’s get to it. The Surge 2 is now my favorite Souls-like I have a troubled relationship with Souls-likes. I like their comb...


Media Moments 2019: Pop Music

Pop this year was pretty fantastic. I can’t crown a winner. But here are a few you may not have heard of, and one you probably have. “Flamboyant“ by Dorian Electra Dorian Electra is Flamboyant as shit. But underneath...


It's End-of-the-Year Music Week in my C-Blogs. I'll post the next one Wednesday. That'll give me time to actually start making decisions about this year's games. You know, the thing this site is about.


Media Moments 2019: Best in Music

Greetings again. This was a great year for music, but aren’t they all? Since I’ve starting doing this, and keeping track of what I listen to, there just hasn’t been a bad year. If anything, it just gets harder to choo...


IDK who needs to see this, but Amazon has a pre-order up for a Paul Atreides Funko Pop from the David Lynch Dune movie. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Y4MXZMJ/ref=ppx%20?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Media Moments 2019: Music in Video Games

Greetings! This year, I plan to take my time. I want to take a leisurely stroll through 2019’s year-in-review blogs. But this one? I can do this right now. Let’s talk game music. If there’s any kind of winner for musi...


I went back to The Surge 2 and I'm glad I did. This may be my favorite Souls-like. I love how much color and variety this game has.


Have you guys done that Spotify Wrapped thing this year? They're doing decade stats this time. Shout-out to my artist of the decade apparently:


A day of anguish over here, as I learn that Oculus has no Linux support and I can't reasonably run a Rift through a VM. Welp, now I know.


Seeing a series of roads you started building fill itself out over the course of a day in Death Stranding, and seeing bridges appear is an amazing feeling. I love this invisible community and how it's integrated into the game.


I'm digging Outer Worlds so much I actually beat it and went back for more. Never done that with a Fallout game. It feels like they did everything right with the smaller scale. You're not supposed to play for 100+ hours and I like that.


This years' Halloween Movie Marathon started with a Suspiria double-feature (1977 & 2018), then I watched Halloween (2018), The Influence on Netflix, Midsommar, and Jennifer's Body. A good lineup. I'd give it a tie b/w Midsommar and new Suspiria.


I've been playing The Surge 2 for the last few days and I love it. Big improvement from the last game. There's more and better weapons, an actual story, and it just feels like it lives up to the potential a lot more.


Took a break from games this week, but I can strongly recommend: Legion season 3, Mission Impossible: Fallout, and Blinded by the Light.


I finally finished the Seventh Astral Era quests in FF14, and...holy shit. No spoilers, but I'm glad I toughed it out. It's not just a second campaign in length, there's a whole story there and it gets really good.


I've found that post-campaign, pre-Heavensward slog I've been hearing about in FF14. It didn't seem so bad, and then it just never ended. I'm still there now. I swear I'm close. I just have to wipe everyone's ass in Eorzea.


I started playing FF14 vanilla this week. It's not bad. I'll just have to see how long I can stick with it.


Because I know we've got Stans here...#musictoid! And Happy Independence Day to my fellow US Americans.


I know I'm super-late to the party, but Devil May Cry 5 is insanely good. I kept hearing it was good, but I didn't know just how good. It makes everything good about this series better. And then it has V, who is insanely rad.


The more I play of Bloodstained, the more impressed I am by it's embrace of decadent excess. Iga made the game he wanted to make. He wanted me to swing a red umbrella around as a sword, in what looks like a more lit version of the Russian Winter Palace.


I was on the fence b/w Square Enix and Nintendo, but these treehouse gameplay demos are incredible. I recommend the Astral Chain and Daemon demos if you haven't seen them.


Funny, I just signed up for Gamepass last week and now I'm hearing a bunch of salt for Stadia going an extremely similar route. I guess the difference is, I trust the hardware I can see in my room more. And I already have a console.


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