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That’s Claire A done! I feel like I’m joining a long-standing history now after finishing my first RE2 route. Onto Leon B I guess.


Bosses that are meant to be disabled by your attacks while killing them with an external power are cool. Just beat the G2 stage boss in RE2


Ancient Leshen is harder than Behemoth change my mind


I didn’t realize the ramifications of Apex Legends ping system: more games need this amazing feature that maximizes communication and minimized human interaction.


The Witcher 3 crossover in MHW is a big, “WOW, I gotta try Witcher for myself now,” complete with budget to voice everything and everyone.


Whoa! Witcher DLC in Monster Hunter and streaming! https://twitch.tv/striderhoang


D&D Recap: A bunch of fungis

The D&D Recap is a place for me to recap my adventures as DM with my party, mostly with regards so we don't forget what happens between sessions in case we go for a long dry spell between adventures. The party is composed of free-...


I introduced a female tiefling to the party as a guide out of the Underdark and after my bard googled what female tieflings look like, he managed to persuade her to join and is now trying to flirt with her.


Oh boy, I finally started Dragonball FighterZ and already wasted 4 hours in training to find my team.


My D&D is currently in the Underdark, about to leave with glowing algae as spell components. I’m gonna have them brush up against a giant, mythical worm, the kind that created the Underdark. Any other ideas for hooks and complications?


Chroma is a lot of fun on Warframe in a sort of you can't kill me, I'll kill you kind of way


The fact that half of Piranha Plant’s moves reach far away and that playing neutral is kind of hard tell me she isn’t meant to be played like Mario and more like a Belmont. Maybe.


Has anyone played Darkest Dungeon on Switch? I feel like punishing myself but I know that UI is nuts.


I never thought I’d actually make builds around Warframes rivers but then again I spent all day yesterday grinding out a Stradivarius death machine with a 200% multishot/125% cold damage riven.


Whenever I’m playing Ganondorf and quickplay matches me with a Pichu


I keep coming across former coworkers on Tinder and no, I’m cutting the joke off at the pass to say it’s from my day jobs, not Dtoid staff.

 from  japanator

I’m thinking of getting myself a game capture again after nearly a decade from my first Hauppauge. I know Elgato is the shit but they don’t stock the lower end model for USB 2.0 anymore. I’m thinking of getting the Hauppauge Rocket Portable


Granted I’ve seen LPs of it, I managed to beat a timeline of Into The Breach on my first try.


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