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Any D&D have any input if I tried making a character who was a masked wrestler? Who fights barehanded and constantly does grapples? I was thinking half-orc or goliath monk or barb with reflavoring. Example: greatclub hit die but say it’s a steel chair.


Lord help me I downloaded tinder


My relationship has gone further and further south into inevitable territory, so Imhappy to have found solace in D&D. I’ll probably blog about my campaigns.


I’m glad that despite my life’s hardships, I can make the lives of the adventurers I DM much worse.


I just earned my first paycheck in 4 months. It’s not much but I’m saving at least.


Arakocra bard: I want to fly up to the ceiling and rain arrows down on our foes!; Natural 1: In this magical, high fantasy setting, you hit your head on a ceiling fan. Roll dex to land on your feet.


I’m doing D&D in-person for the first time in maybe 8 years. What a time to be alive. Hope my online adventurers don’t mind if I recycle our old campaign


I thought Spider-Man was kind of tough with more aggressive enemies willing to swarm you but then I learned anytime a thug is near a surface, they can be instantly downed by webbing them onto it. Don’t sleep on gadgets!


What are your favorite video game memories of Spider-Man

The new Spider-Man game on the PlayStation 4 is the latest Spider-Man game to come in what, four or five years? The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the last Spider-Man focused console game I could find before years of Marvel ensemble games like th...


How are you liking Spider-Man, Dtoid?

I wikipedia'd Spider-Man console games and apparently the last major console release was back in 2015 with Amazing Spider-Man 2. Yes, a licensed game to one of the more unlikable series of Spider-Man games, as even the Rami trilogy had...


I usually go digital but I decided on the physical disc of Spider-Man. BIG MISTAKE. Disc install has failed 5 times. Progress bar just pauses with no status indicator. Insomniac games on twitter is hearing it out but no clear solutions.


Monster Hunter is about believing in an 8% drop rate and is the biggest success story of 2018 and 2K has the nerve to think we want loot boxes back.


Anyone have any experience with their Switch joy-cons drifting and not centering? My left one drifts up and screws with my inputs.


G-rank Fated Four do not disappoint. I like Astalos’ new move where he plugs his tail into the ground while airborne and just Thubdershocks everything.


It’s hard listening to advice to give up working in my field for a trade job.


MHGU is upon us! If you want help, you know who to ask!


Remember Bulldrome? From Monster Hunter? Remember how we DIDN’T include it in World? I can’t believe I’ll be suffering this warthog again in MHGU.


I want to feel good because I finally got a job but it’s concessions at the local city arena so it’s more of the same 10 years of my life.


Blaze was actually my first video game crush back when I was a kid with Streets of Rage. Seeing her prominently for Streets of Rage 4 is quite the feeling


Since Hollow Knight is on sale, I got it, especially since the Best Friends keep talking it up despite also talking about its weird lack of gating and how they end up in end game area with no upgrades.


This week’s episode of Talking Simpsons is A Milhouse Divided


I opened Monster Hunter Generations again after playing GU and jesus christ I forgot how tracking isn't really a thing, it's just rote memorization when you get to that point. I couldn't find Yian Kut-ku at all on Verdant Hills.


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