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If you downloaded the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate demo, have you beaten Valstrax left? I haven’t. He feels like Nergigante from the beta: way more HP then what you’re outfitted to take down, but Valstrax is a cool elder dragon.


Every time I think of anime to list for my favorites, this OP always cements FMA as up there


After 2 hours of Kulve Taroth hunts, what better way to take a break from Monster Hunter World than Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.


Did you download the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate demo? Hard to believe they just threw an elder dragon hunt into a demo. But Valor style is fun in a “Adept style isn’t enough” kind of way.


Look, every job fair in a hotel is going to be “Just settle for customer service”


Today is going to be the hustlest of days for me: 40 minute drive to LA, job fair, and a separate job interview.


Monster Hunter World PC players: I hear the Steam reviews fell off a cliff for technical issues. Have you felt anything? Most of it seems to be server issues?


I crafted the best parts for AT Teostra for the gamma set: Head, Arms, and Legs. Drachen set will be king of damage but Teo set still offers decent mixed set opportunities. Gamma set makes Alpha and Beta obsolete except for the Arms (Weakness Exploit)


Remember PC Monster Hunters, don’t waste time grinding in low rank. That shit’ll be obsolete in high rank.


I can’t believe Capcom gave Monster Hunter a quest to look like Dante without any materials to craft it.


Not my first Behemoth completion but the best I've ever done. Zero carts!


“I’m rating this Uber 4 stars.”


What was your favorite part of EVO this year?

As community member Virtua Kazama put it, EVO is the E3 of fighting games. There were plenty of highs and lows that made EVO 2018 awesome, like this year being the first foray for arguably the hypest game on the circuit, Dragon Ball Fighter...


Going through some tough times but none of us are strangers to that are we? If you’re still trying hard Dtoid, so will I.


Can I ask Dtoid’s PS4 Warframe players a favor? The acolytes are returning this Tuesday and I won’t be able to catch it. Some farm me some Maiming Strike, Argon Scope, and Weeping Wounds mods? Those are gonna be hot for market anyways!


“Arch Tempered Teostra rewards tickets for layered Dante armor.”


I’m moving back to the LA area and staying in an Airbnb but I’m nearly broke and don’t have a job. So I’ll be leaving my PS4 with my in-laws until I found some kind of work because HOPEFULLY I will find something within a month of finding an apart


Me on my 10th attempt on Behemoth


Five tips to quickly beat Monster Hunter: World's Behemoth

With yesterday's 5.00 patch for Monster Hunter: World dropping the new Behemoth hunt and Final Fantasy XIV crossover equipment, I plowed through the main content like a breeze. Until special assignment He Taketh It with His Eyes, that is. I...


The states of pubbing for Behemoth is literally impossible now. People will cart before the Ecliptic Meteor even drops.


Event Kula Yaku is literally tempered Kula Yaku


I would’ve gotten laughed out of the hunter’s guild if I said I made a heat guard armor set a few days ago. Well who’s laughing now?


You can make your own at the site in comments. I’ll be asking my usual community question later and it’s related!


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