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It’s that magical time of month where’s it’s a race between pay day and bills.


I’m actually thinking about getting Crosstag battle since I like Blazblue and P4A, plus I never got around to playing UNIB and like RWBY.


The RWBY characters in English get a lot of flak for their voice acting in Crosstag Battle but I honestly like how Yang sounds ingame.


I only listen to this song because of Lythero


Bloggers Wanted: Free-to-play

Free-to-play for the longest time has been this dangerous buzzword that meant a lot of things. Utter the term free-to-play and people immediately think of words like predatory, pay-to-win, microtransactions, and generally bad games. At leas...


Expecting a phone call for a phone interview about 4 hours ago, with no publicly listed number to call and say, "Yo we doing this or not?"


My days off are staggered this week so here’s to hoping for a productive community manager week.


Saw a tweet I really liked to engage with. What are your favorite 10 fighting characters?


I am so tired. Warframe: “But Plague Star the” YEAH? What ABOUT Plague Star?


You’ve heard of「Tempered」Kirin, now get ready for「Bloodbath」Diablos.


Sorry I haven’t been around much, it’s been a rough few weeks.


Every time I saw Thanos in Infinity War, my brain just thought of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and spamming R E A L I T Y stone.


Eventhubs notifies me Nikki Minaj’s music video for Chun-li is out and I’m out of my element here but I think she’s played Chun at least once before.


No sooner when I started crafting Valkyr Prime as my first prime item, Zephyr Prime just fall into my lap


My wife brought home this thing that’s basically a mop head but the piggies love moving through it.


I’m gonna stream the Code Red, Dante quest on Monster Hunter tonight for some late night hunting if anyone wants to join me slay Teo and look like Dante.


Any Dtoid Warframers on PS4 have a Valkyr Prime chassis blueprint? I’m so close.


As promised, the clip where my wife exclaiming to suck my dick causes GM to cart in Monster Hunter


Oh shit Kinshi Knights are in FE Heroes now


Happy birthday resplendent black grandmother Occams! The original off-topic tangent!


What have you loved most about God of War so far? (Spoilers)

While there were plenty of people initially skeptical of its tonal shift, there's no denying that God of War has really taken off. Although quite a few members of the community had said they had no interest, the Quick Posts on Destructoid a...


I am very busy but future community prompt: things in gaming you consider a crime i.e. Boktai was amazing and deserves a new entry,, why hasn’t it gotten another chance.


It’s been rough but that’s why we get pets, right? I’ve been taking home boxes to turn into new play areas for my guinea pigs.


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