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I hunted Vaal Hazak in Master Rank and thought, “Where’s gamemaniac now?” and oh yeah he’s at grad school now


Iceborne isn’t out yet but I got on to see the small Squad upgrades. Since Qalamari is basically the only other Hunter with an unlocked Hunter Rank he’s a sub-leader. If anyone else wants to join Palico Patrol and expand the ranks, we can hunt togethe


Lord and Savior Masahiro Sakurai


I haven’t managed to post anything to qtoid because the last fees I got glitched out and figured it wasn’t a big deal but, keep it today everyone!




Samurai Shodown patch 1.11 is crazy: universal footspeed buff, universal issen buff, reversal DP across the board nerfed, Kyoshiro, Shiki, Wu, Darli are straight up reworked and improved, Yoshi has less jump H shenanigans, get fucked Genjuro.


I’m back in SFV how in did this happen?


This is how it happened in my head.


What was your favorite moment of EVO 2019? Mine was Kazunoko going absolutely King Crimson all over JWong, deflecting him more times in 20 minutes than the entire playerbase since launch.


Absolute genius on twitter titled this: “SonicFox versus GO1”


Part 5 Golden Wind is officially over. Which Stand was your favorite? Mine’s either White Album overall or Notorious B.I.G. for sheer concept.


When you tank everything but forget about some stupid DoT.


How are you liking Samurai Shodown?

It's been a few weeks now since Samurai Shodown released with a wicked vengeance. As I've been playing it and following tournament videos, even two weeks out, there's a lot of stuff to be discovered in a new entry to a series that hasn't be...


I once beat Klonoa in one sitting because I didn’t own a memory card, what are some unreasonable achievements you’ve done in games?


What anime are you watching for summer 2019?

Summer anime 2019 is officially a post-basement-reveal world. Summer is a post-Diavolo world. A post-Rising of Shield Hero world! A post-One Punch Man season 2 world! We're now a few weeks into summer 2019 and I've been looking forward to t...


Spring anime 2019 wrap up thoughts (spoilers)

Well, Attack on Titan season 3, part 2, episode IV, Golden Wind began and ended between the times I found to write something Japanator related. At this point, talking about it on the FP seems pretty dated, but that's why we blog and c...


I'm low-key frustrated Attack on Titan didn't restart when I wrote anime to watch spring 2019 and now we all live in a post-basement world as I set anime to watch summer 2019 on queue.


Soooo, what anime are you watching this summer?My money's on Vinland Saga and Dr. Stone, with a dark horse choice to If It's For My Daughter, I'd Fight A Demon Lord


Last call to show us your Super Mario Maker 2 courses today, before I take them to the FP Sunday!


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Blasphemous"Your suffering will be legendary"


Daemon X Machina"MATT DAEMON"


Borderlands 3"'Just follow the soothing sounds of my voice'"


Sega Genesis Mini"Seeeeeegggaaaa (mini)"


Gears 5"Still plenty of war"


Creature in the Well"I don't like sand..."


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne"Welcome to the big leagues"


Catherine: Full Body"A nice port (get it?)"


River City Girls"Girls just wanna fight kun"


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Giant Bomb claimed on their recent Bombcast that 2K denied them a review copy of BL3 due to the tone of their E3 This, plus Randy, plus sending goons to Youtubers homes, plus Epic exclusivity, plus dubious review builds? Im


Welp commissioned a friend for some more overlays and a new Theyll be inside the comments for the most part but what do you all My favorite one is how the Re: Coded overlay turned


Reviewed a bad game AND got published on a new site


Well, borderlands continues the series tradition of having terrible boss fights for single It’s always nice to kill 90% of a boss and then have to start over because there wasn’t anything else to kill to get back

Electric Reaper

While that would be a rather unnerving sight, having that many spiders gathered in 1 area would cause a drastic decrease of insect


Man, that was a great My friends cooked me dinner and we played Smash Bros for

Virtua Kazama

Todays There are more MA pilots out We also accidentally destroyed that mans Enjoy Part 3 of Blaster Master Zero 2!



sp testure

Final Fantasy 7R will have a classic turn based Im sorry Moze but Im a FL4K man


While the design of the new bookshelf is not ready, we will tighten it to



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