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For your information, the worst times to be in retail is Black Friday, Christmas, and back to school. Seriously, every transaction is a huge pile of stationary and Lunchables.


I wanna go on record and tell you guys if you wanna watch some anime or cartoons together over Rabbit, just drop me a line


Look, in Fortnite, you build forts. It's in the name. How did two chucklehead teammates of mine not build a fort ahead of an invading horde?


Greatest FP that'll never happen: best video games where you punch nazis (among other things)


All I want to do is play video games in the face of this uncertain job market


I can't believe how fast I'm bulldozing through Way of the Strong in Nioh now that I can cheese it.


Surely everyone has a favorite Dead Or Alive girl or a favorite Senran Kagura girl. Mine's Kokoro/Yumi


Teching a throw in Fantasy Strike means doing nothing. Complaining about cheap throws is tantamount to saying doing nothing is too hard.


I got Fate/GO so here I go 421,124,386


Hey Dtoid! If you're expecting me to comment or check out a blog for the next few days, I'll be on vacation to San Diego for a few days, so I won't see it. Don't burn the place down!


I finally unlocked Way of the Demon mode in Nioh and all it took was a living weapon/cheese build.


I was embarrassed to say I subscribe to Game Grumps two days ago and I'm now in love with their Miitopia play through.


We STOLE our idea for bloggers wanted this month. Big time crime right here.


The longest con since becoming community manager has bore fruit


I was asked last night if I carried Smash Bros. for the Xbox and I was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to die.


If the fact that I posted a blog isn't an indication, I finished Nioh's second DLC and I'm mighty pleased with the content in it. They super-nerfed a prime amrita/XP farming quest though.


I want one of these weapons in Nioh's last DLC

Nioh's Defiant Honor DLC release this past week and brought alongside it the new tonfa weapon type. When Dragon of the North released a few months ago, I was mostly underwhelmed by the design of the odachi as a whole. On the surface i...


I liked this apartment up until new people were hired as garbage truck drivers. Old ones parked the truck and walk down the alley my window's in to get the dumpster. New ones FUCKING BACK THE WHOLE TRUCK DOWN AND WAKE EVERYONE UP WITH THE ReVERse NoIsE.


Let me know when Senran Kagura goes on sale on PS4


I finally finished Konisuba S1 and I'm glad I held off as I did cuz I can just roll into S2 after that unglamorous season ended.


How will I get Way of the Enlightened in Nioh if less than 1% of people have 100%'ed Way of the Demon.


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