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I watch this anytime I want to motivate myself


I have such serious Monster Hunter World withdrawal that I'm booting up Generations and 4U.


KingSigy’s video impressions of the beta is out and I’m in it dicking around with Wyvern Shot or leading Sigy to his death to a Rathalos nest.


Now begins the process of sharing those hype moments from the beta


Celica’s community awards blog has been live for weeks and I still can’t fucking read it. It’s like the fucking Void Century that hyperlink.


Tonight’s my last night with the beta, so I’m going to try to solo the monsters you’re not intended to hunt, Jyuratodus and Diablos. I already failed to hunt Rathalos once but maybe now that I know how to track him with scoutflies...


About to go live again. Gotta milk the beta for all its worth. www.twitch.tv/striderhoang


Switch Ax in a nutshell. It has a command grab now.


Great Sword changes in a nutshell


Any thoughts on MHW beta you guys wanna collect together here? I’m starting another round of hunts and streaming now


Stream break! So I’m good with the MHW beta. Playing Nioh in performance mode familiarized me with the cheats devs use to squeeze more frames out like low resolution distant assets and motion blur. But the actions you can perform now are fun & stylish.


Monster Hunter World beta streaming is live now! www.twitch.tv/striderhoang


The Monster Hunter World beta is tomorrow! Rathalos, known as the king of the sky and the ambassador of the series, have been known to fly for days straight without rest. There are tons of variants like Azure, Silver, and Dreadking.


2 days until the MHW beta! Brachydios introduced slimeblight, becaming blastblight to retrofit on older monsters like Teostra. It seems to secrete a slime which explodes after a few seconds. If it gets mad, it will literally punch you with an explosion!


3 Days until the Monster Hunter World beta! Lagiacrus is the flagship monster of Tri. While swimming received a mixed reception, Lagiacrus managed to return in Generations using its cousin’s moveset, the Ivory Lagi. Lagi also features my fav song in gam


4 Days until the Monster Hunter: World beta! Seregios introduced the bleeding status since it can throw its razor sharp scales at you. Weapons made from it are top quality in sharpness and even sharpen themselves when you roll with them drawn!


5 days until the Monster Hunter World beta! Kirin is the smallest monster classified as an elder dragon, but it has my favorite design despite being annoying to hunt. Kirin’s fur hide is so densely packed, it can deflect even the sharpest blades.


I never got around to properly expressing one of my favorite smaller things to do in game: when new hunters join my lobby, I like to cheer them as they scarf down their food.


6 Days until the Monster Hunter World beta! Here’s Yian Kut-Ku, the esteemed Monster most people learn the basics of hunting from. A simple and straight forward flying wyvern who oftentimes trips whenever it tries charging you.


This floods my brain with endorphins


Are you trying the Monster Hunter World demo next week on 12/9? Might as well ask if the cblogs are still borked.


Anime Strike has become my nemesis


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