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Whenever I’m playing Ganondorf and quickplay matches me with a Pichu


I keep coming across former coworkers on Tinder and no, I’m cutting the joke off at the pass to say it’s from my day jobs, not Dtoid staff.

 from  japanator

I’m thinking of getting myself a game capture again after nearly a decade from my first Hauppauge. I know Elgato is the shit but they don’t stock the lower end model for USB 2.0 anymore. I’m thinking of getting the Hauppauge Rocket Portable


Granted I’ve seen LPs of it, I managed to beat a timeline of Into The Breach on my first try.


“Marcel, stop talking about JoJo.”


Marcel's favorite games of 2018, if they were JoJo Stands

Two years ago, I decided to gimmick up my annual Game of the Year list by comparing my choices for that year to JoJo Stands. Back then, I was a neophyte at JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and JoJo shitposting. But after two long years, I have beco...


Hi-Score Gurl is finally officially here in the West for Netflix and it is indescribably good


What are your gaming new year's resolutions?

2018 was kind of a crappy year all around I think. Lots of beloved celebrities died, the political sphere continued to decline into insanity, and overall I think a lot of personal issues probably popped up for everyone. I got Monster ...


Merry Christmas Dtoid Community! Nothing much game related but that’s fine. I’ll being playing Smash, Warframe, and MonHun for awhile longer yet. I got $100 too though, so who knows?


Who have you been playing in Smash Bros. Ultimate?

With over 70 characters to play now in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, just simply finding a character can be daunting. No, seriously, I have to remind myself the roster is in chronological release order, because it's hard to parse all tha...


My Zelda is in elite smash status


Super Best Friends has ended welcome to the worst timeline


Sorry I haven’t been around. I started working at Costco and got my start with 40 hour weeks. I also had the first nice date I’ve had in months.


I haven’t felt this way working a job since May. It’s tiring and exhausting and forces me to talk to people I don’t like but dammit it’s actual hours with actual money. For the first time since August I feel fulfilled.


Still alive, still hustling. First freelance assignment fell through, recreation manager wouldn't pick up. In between jobs as I'm going from events arena to Costco. Tightening my belt as I'm between those paychecks. Should be alright.


Should you divorce a game from its creator?

I think in essence, before hitting the dusty trail of this topic, some amount of acceptance of business practices is inevitable. However, I think it was an interesting juxtaposition of the weeks leading up to Red Dead Redemption 2's release...


Ok! Now I just have to adjust from writing enthusiast interest topics to local community hard news!


I actually have an interview with a local paper today. Excuse me as I scrounge up clips.


Alright, about to start my leg of the Extra-Life stream ahead of schedule! Check out or streamtoid for Devil May Cry 3 and donate to CHOC in Orange County California!


Jokes on you Destructoid. Everyone sandbags Soulbow for playing Siege but he’s currently raised $250 for Extra-Life charities.


About Marcel Hoangone of us since 1:23 PM on 07.09.2011

Local contributor responsible for duties such as engagement, power bombs, cblog promotions, community engagement, and memes. I like fighting games, you scrub.

Introduction post

10 things about me

Another goddamn 10 things about Strider

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