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As promised, the clip where my wife exclaiming to suck my dick causes GM to cart in Monster Hunter


Oh shit Kinshi Knights are in FE Heroes now


Happy birthday resplendent black grandmother Occams! The original off-topic tangent!


What have you loved most about God of War so far? (Spoilers)

While there were plenty of people initially skeptical of its tonal shift, there's no denying that God of War has really taken off. Although quite a few members of the community had said they had no interest, the Quick Posts on Destructoid a...


I am very busy but future community prompt: things in gaming you consider a crime i.e. Boktai was amazing and deserves a new entry,, why hasn’t it gotten another chance.


It’s been rough but that’s why we get pets, right? I’ve been taking home boxes to turn into new play areas for my guinea pigs.


I’m feeling emotionally down after sending out another round of job applications after passing a decade of retail. How about sharing your stories of your jobs and careers to give me perspective or even advice.


“Hey kid, ya wanna farm Kulve Taroth and get some awesome armor for a limited time?” [Nah don’t listen to that busta. Farm void fissures so you have parts to trade with Baro Ki’Teer while he’s here.]


Monster Hunter World v.3.00 in a nutshell.


My car works again thanks to LoneMak. Dtoid really isn’t quite like any other place thanks to the community.


A 16-man, 4-way instanced Hunt for Kulve Taroth sounds like it wants to harken back to a time where repelling elder dragons was more realistic than slaying them. It also looks like it’ll give you a taste of what modern Lao Shao Lung would be like


‪Me when people ask me for advice on Monster Hunter‬


About to use public transportation to get to work... wish me luck


My car is officially dead. A minimum $600 radiator repair is a lot but it may only be a stop gap for a future of possible problems for a 13 year old car. Good night sweet prince, we had some good times. See you space cowboy.


Nothing like bursts of steam and rising thermometers to remind you that a car is basically powered by a bomb


Shout out to Gamemaniac3434 for loaning me the items I need to progress Warframe and Limomaker for being the comedic foil that has latched onto him.


GM is streaming and now am I twitch.tv/striderhoang


I have been rewatching the Deku vs Todoroki fight non-stop ever since season started WITH A CLIPSHOW.


Are you excited for God of War? (2018)

God of War was one of the pillars of the Sony PlayStation brand for me. By the end of the trilogy, Kratos was known far and wide as an irredeemable asshole. There's a certain nobility to killing everyone who stands in your path to rev...


I have two questions to engage you with the FP, but which do you want first? Are you looking forward to Dad of War? Or Have you seen the resurgence for Warframe?


Meeting Sojiro in P5 game: What an asshole, but I know we’ll warm up. Meeting Sojiro in P5A: Wow, he’s MUCH nicer if not just annoyed.


Sword Art Online Alternative wastes no time getting started


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