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Don’t forget everyone, Nintendo will sunset Splatoon 2 with a splatfest between Marina & Pearl.


I got 3 arch tempered Vaal Hazak tickets at once, I am extremely blessed


Which three characters did you start with in the Octopath Traveller Prologue demo? I started with Tressa because a good merchant job is interesting, then went north to meet Cyrus and Ophilia


My first job on Instacart was $400 of alcohol at 8am are you ok Californian Central Valley?


How on Earth does Dreamwork’s Voltron segue so easily from galaxy-wide civil unrest to “let’s play Space D&D!”


Oh boy, I can’t wait for Warframe’s update to hit consoles and totally screw up my Mesa mod space. (P.S. it has two dash polarities, the most useless polarity)


*moves away from Bay Area to escape high cost of living and low job market* San Francisco: HEY, want a job?


Arch tempered Kirin two shotted me with max, augmented gunner armor FUCK


Pst, leaks say Monster Hunter: World is getting Behemoth from Final Fantasy, leaked trailers are not in English but basically understandable.


Anyone get Crosstag Battle on Switch? How’s the netcode? I want it on PS4 but it’s boxed up right now.


The value of the Switch: playing console grade games despite packing everything up for moving


Community manager bumbles everyone. My QP earlier should have been about Nintendo specifically, so I’m not bumping it. What do you want to see from a Nintendo Direct to keep the Switch going in 2018-2019?


Quick and dirty question, ripe for daily or so bumps! What are you hoping for during the E3 press conferences? Any properties in particular to come back? Any rumors on the cusp you've heard for new stuff?


FYI, I’m budgeting to see when’s an ok time to get Blazblue Crosstag Battle, but I might as well ‘purchase’ Blake, Platinum, Kanji, and Okie while they’re free for launch.


Hunters! How has your Lunastra experience been? I’ve gotten used to her but I don’t have investigations of her, so I’m stuck replaying a quest where other elder dragons frequently come in to complicate things.


I’ve already ended my time working where I am currently in prep for my move and I’ve been notified that the transfer didn’t work out, there are no openings. SOOOOO I’m effectively unemployed effective now. All hands on deck for me right now.


After a month straight of Warframe I returned to Monster Hunter; just like riding a bike! Plus I haven’t spoiled myself of any Lunastra videos. Can’t wait to dive in blind.


Well that is another interview come and gone. Good thing I didn’t get my hopes up. On to the next one!


Moving prep! Only things I’m saving off the wall is the Overwatch anniversary poster and the Strider scroll which was a gift anyways.


“Announcing Kirin and Vaal Hazak ARCH tempered elder dragons.


Holy crap reading the Bleach wiki is confusing


My squad on Warframe dismissedly sighed after the mission. I guess they didn’t appreciate how I cheesed a level 100 Grineer boss with my bare hands.


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