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Oh? They put two seperate pinball games on the Switch? Yeah...i'll see you guys later. I fucking love me some pinball.


Oh. I think i get why this was recommended to me now. Thats uh...thats...uh...hm.


I just started a game called Doki-Doki Literature Club. It's okay but I am not entirely sure why it was recommended to me. Apparently it picks up around the second chapter? I dunno. Just gotta keep going I guess.


Oh, Hey! I am also in the process of applying to be a host for a video game show in Australia called Good Game. My friends and family have been lovely but they don't play games like you and I do. If you have 2 minutes could you check it out? Thanks!


I AM ALIVE I have been a bit absent from the ol' Dtoid of late as i have been doing the proper adult and getting my life in order. you know? That thing you do in between games. I am all good and alive and looking to hop back into the community.


So Akira Toriyama designed a new character for DBZ Fighters. That's cool. If only he could include some characters he already designed. Time travel is a thing in DBZ...also Chrono Trigger...just Saiyan.


If you do that thing where you turn your phone on speaker and then walk around in public alternating between yelling at your now arm distance phone and holding it near your ear while screaming "SAY THAT AGAIN" Stop. Stop it. Stop.


Kingdoms battles is a fantastic game. It's like x-com, but not broken as ffffffuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk. And a bit more adult than expected.


Welcome to Australia. If you don't eat it, it will eat you. Up to and including lovely little Moogles. We eat those fuckers all day, every day. Seriously though. Domino's will deliver you a 'za and Final Fantasy because fuck the outside.


All this time since it came out and I am still surprised as hell that I get to play a NIER sequel. That's been the biggest shock of my adult gaming life.


I didn't really get into the first Splatoon, so I have to ask: The furry stuff. Is this going to be the majority of my Splatoon 2 experience?


You cats better step correct. Only problem is that is SHOULD be called Team tomato Sauce.


Those Funko pop toys are hot street trash. The fact there are none made based upon the Spice World game is just a waste.


Flarfle, splooply, frungk, crensh. These are my save games. I only use the finest nonsense for my files.


So apparently I made a terrible decision five years ago. I honestly thought it was going to be not hot garbage. ...I should pull that out. Play some Amazing Frog.

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ARMS. VIRTUAL ON. My bad. I don't know what happened there. Let me just tidy all this poop up.


Yo! I just realised why I love arms so dang much. Did you cats ever play Virtua On? It was on the Sega Saturn and arcades, so all good if you didn't. Give me flashbacks to long drinking sessions and mech strafing.


We're all excited for the SNES dealt, but you gotta feel the PAL cats. We're getting our first physical Earthbound and Mario RPG PAL releases. Finally.


Hey now! I wrote a blog a while ago and never promoted it. Why don't you go check that out and tell me I'm pretty. That's what they're for right? https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/TurboJasper/clustertruck-endless-runners-and-the-shared-experience-390455


In Australia, we have an ice cream called Golden Gaytime. People never make the easy joke here and I respect that. I was kind of hoping that would happen with the Japanese tuition game.


In Australia, we have an ice cream called Golden Gaytime. People never make the easy joke here and I respect that. I was kind of hoping that would happen with the Japanese tuition game.


A weekly podcast where myself and two others loudly and angrily talk about memes whilst getting every single piece of information regarding memes wrong.


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