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Bert and Ernie are indeed gay, They are just not dating each other.


Apparently, Nintendo has a no return policy. I bring this up because I bought Guts and Glory on Switch and it is janky as hell. Just so you know.


I love the idea of my Switch being a portable-port-box. It may take over my Vita..if they ever release a Persona for it.




Just another quick Spidered-man aside: I hope they reference my favourite Homecoming scene. "Are you Spidered-man? Do a backflip!"


I only just realised you can fast travel in Spidered-man. Why do that for? Just thwip there my buddy. Chase a pigeon or two.


A question for the Spider-lovelies: there is a backpack that is seemingly stuck in a building in midtown. Is that a glitch, do I get it in a story thing later or can I just not figure it out? It's my last one and it's maddening!


I am a broke as hell uni student but I am going to day one Spider-man if not for any other reason than to swing around. That feeling of flying and free falling is all I ever want in my life. I'm sure it'll be a fine enough game, but I just wanna swing.


All these long years and i still, often, think about the sincere betrayal i felt from Popola and Devola. To know they carried that guilt for thousands of years brings me no joy either.


Is there any better feeling than having a garbage start to a run in Binding of Isaac which turns around into the best run you have ever had? Someday i'll get bored of this game, not this decade though.


I am all for the positivity of video games, but hearing that MapleStory 2 is launching with a Battle Royale mode is the most video game ass news I have ever heard in my life.


I got top 10 drunk on saturday and talked at people on the internet about Sister Act for hours. I also tweeted Whoopi Goldberg about making more Sister Act. I fucking love Sister Act.


Krampus is one of the best monster movies. Don't look me in the eyes.


I'm trying man. I'm really trying. This is my second attempt to get through Mafia III and it just doesn't want to click with me. Everything about it i enjoy: the setting, the characters, the music, the time period. Why does it not feel fun to play though?


Give me one fuckin'....uh............Wart as K.Rool's echo fighter.


Emuparadise sustained my interest in gaming for those times in my life when i was broke as hell. Its where i was able to find games that never got released in Australia. Its where I played Earthbound for the first time! A loss for gaming history all round


Sitting here grinning like a doofus watching the Smash direct. This is the reason I still play games, man. Every now and then theres a thing that just exudes the toybox style happiness of youth. Whispering to myself "thats cccoooollll"


Hey there, long time no see! I asked this question a while ago but i think it is far more relevant now: There are so many insanely good metroidvania titles out currently (hollowknight, bloodstained, etc) is a new Metroid game really important any more?


So...wait. In MHW we are respecting and researching monsters while simultaneously not allowing Zorah Magdoros to go off and die? Like...it's trying to die. But we keep pushing it away? Or am i not at that story point yet?


Are you feeling it? I am feeling it. I think its time to return to Persona 4. I miss Chie. And whatever...The other characters. I think there was a dog?


My cat is being shipped over tomorrow! Hell yeah! Marigold Murderface meet Qtoid. Qtoid meet Marigold Murderface. My palico looks like her but I can't show that until my PS4 arrives. God damn do I crave me some Monster Hunter.


Its gonna be a scorcher today so my plan is to hang inside and play Rocket League for as long as I can bear. Chuck a message here if you would like to play as well. Pretty excited for my first game day since moving.


I dream of one day playing a Neon Genesis game that has the day to day of Persona mixed with the sanity slippage mechanic of Darkest Dungeon. One can dream, right?


I am so happy! Everyone is talking about Monster Hunter! ...i can't play it until my stuff gets here in a couple of weeks but at least a few of you ex-newbies can run me through and get me up to fighting form. Is Nargacuga in it? She's my favourite.


This is near my new house. Should i be worried the flowers talk to me?


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