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140+ hours over two save files (forgot what had happened on the first file) and Persona 5 is finally done! I deeply regret dating the teacher and should have definitely dated Makoto or Takemi. Now...to do...uh...


I double posted. Sorry. Still, call your mum.


Merry chrimbmus my sweet, wet family. Hey. Call your mum. She misses you.


Honestly. All I want to know: Do you think it's cross eyed bear or cross I beared?


HEY FUCKERS. WE ARE TALKIMG ABOUT ALANIS MORISETTE HERE. I love her. She's my lady. Jagged little pill obviously, but what's your favourite song? I wish nothing but the best for you.


I have 2 weeks off from today and this has never happened before. I worked hospitality for 14 years and you don't get time off. Uh....so. Get drunk? Right? Right.


Perhaps it is a sign of my age but I am increasingly angered by pre-release leaks and dumps of game stories and footage by people. It's petulant. Reaks of undeserved entitlement. It's taken years for kingdom hearts, just wait a little longer.




Oh! I understand why people love Majima now. What a lad.


Ah, the most authentic 30-something D&D experience: after preparing models, sound board and writing out the story so it has the beats and rolls laid out in easy to follow style, everyone cancels. Ah well.


Is this good? Is this bad? Is this good?!


After having played 2 games of D&D ever in my life, I have decided it is now time to DM my own game. This Saturday I will run some lovelies through The Lost Mine of Phandelver. Any tips or tricks? I bought the starter set but have no idea what i'm doing.


Pretty stoked that Yakuza Kiwami is the freebie for PS Plus this month. I have been looking to get into it cause Max Scoville and Jim Sterling are always so stoked for it. Bullet storm is a good time too. And Burly Men at Sea. Just a good month for free!


My favourite Rockstar game is the one where you have a friend/mentor who you trust implicitly, slowly unravel over the course of a game that culminates in the death of lots of your other trusted friends and eventually ends in you killing them.


At what point does Batman become a furry?


I have a GOG account with all my classic games on it, a Humble Bundle account with 30 odd games on it and a Steam account with 94 games on it. The kicker being that I have never really gamed on computers and haven't had a computer capable of in years.


I want to restart BloodBorne for the umpteenth time for Halloween but I know that I'll reach the first boss and just get crushed. Is there a way to play with buddies? I need help to get me past that first stumbling block.


I finished Dishonored 2 and it highlights my problem with sneaky-sneak games. It's a beautiful game with a great setting but you spend the whole time speaking around the outside. Whole swaths of the game left unseen because you are trying to be...unseen.


Hey there D&D lovelies, I am unsure if I have asked this before but what is a good website/app for building 5th edition characters?


You can play Final Fantasy 7, 9 and 10 on the go with Switch? How good is that? Portable Final Fantasy? Who has ever heard of such a thing? Fucking amazing.


I can now announced that I was the one who animated the horse testicles. I would break into Rockstar headquarters after hours and spend all night just really making sure that horse schwonce was perfect. No pay. Sometimes you gotta do it for the love.


So, I am a big sooky wuss. Freely admitted. I had to struggle through a lot of games that I enjoyed but were just kind of spooky for some reason? Mega Man Legends is top of the pile there. Absolutely love that game but the tone and draw distance are eery.


I am in the process of doing a big assignment for Uni. Last night I thought a little bit of wine would get the creativity flowing. I now have a hangover and got no work done. ...maybe some more wine will help...


Welp, there it is. The inevitable PlayStation Classic. Jumping flash, Tekken 3, ridge racer 4 and final fantasy 7 so far. Gonna grab that. Gonna grab it good.


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