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What does it feel like to play a game and not be made to feel incredibly shamed about it by everyone in your life? I bet it's nice.


DESTINY 2 LOVELIES: Is there a Destructoid Destiny 2 clan? I'm bumping up against the level cap and am ready to do Raids. I am only drunk some of the times...


I was super into FFVII when I was 9 and rented out Ehrgeiz on my parents Video Ezy account without them knowing. I didn't return it for ages and my parents were slapped with a $300 fine. I lost all my gaming stuff. It was rough. Funny to think about now.


*rhythmically pounding table* Hell house hell house hell house hell house hell house hell house hell hoUSE HELL HOUSE HELL HOUSE HELL HOUSE HELL HOUSE


Me logging into AOL, getting ready to talk about FF7


They doubled down on the Honey Bee Inn and it is God damn glorious.


I'll hold off for getting into the specifics of why I love FFVII Remake, but for now, believe the hype. It's good Ya'll.


Wait...before I do something dumb...is Australia the only place that got FFVII Remake early or can I talk about it freely?


FFVII Remake fucking slaps. I used to finish the original at least 5 times a year and I was certainly wary but it is far exceeding my expectations. The music is playing my heartstrings like a damn fiddle.


The greatest testament to the simplicity and elegance of Mario Karts design is how every person believes themselves to be the greatest player of the game to have ever lived.


I'm beginning to think Iriquois Pliskin is actually Solid Snake...


I swan to jawn, I'm going to finish MGS2 this year.


HAHA! I remembered my D-Toid log in. So...what's up? What have I missed?


Here's the deal. 2020? We playing one step up. Are you an Easy Breasy? Hit a step up. Mid lib? Go hard. If the spirit grab you, hit the world harder.


I need some Persona 3 help. I have FES on my PS3 but I also really want to grab the vita version. P3P? Is it worth it? Is there a big difference between the two aside from the protag?


Nioh is, apparently, dope as hell.


Destructoid Furries. Come up onto me. I love you and want to see your OC.


Is there a Dtoid Destiny 2 clan? I wanna do raids but it's too difficult to co-ordinate with internet random.


Still thinking about Brian Crecentes Hair Palace


There are many things bad and terrible about Fallout 1st. The only thing that needs to be seen is the dollar store NCR armour. DIP INTO THE BEST GAME IN THE SERIES THAT YOU DIDNT MAKE BEYOND A PREPOSTEROUS PAYWALL. Hell yeah Bethesda.


Bethesda gone lost their damn minds. Why the hell would it seem to reasonable to charge people $100 to play Fallout 76, alone? You do that already. The fuck is that hundo getting you? Just give a New Vegas remaster so I can be forever done with you.


Such a shame that the concept of dubstep died of brutally explosive diahorrea. RIP dubstep. Truly, no one called 911.


My kink? Sci fi/space opera movies where everyone is extra as hell for no reason.


Zelda games generally bounce off me but this Links Awakening is actually sticking. Maybe I will enjoy the not-3D Zeldas.


I know there are a lot of Americanos on this site. The rest of the world lets a lot of things slide but you gotta admit two things: 1) It's pronounced sea-ga not say-ga 2) MegaDrive is a way better name than Genesis.


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