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I'm really hoping for bloodborne 2 at some point. Or some iteration of a souls game done by fromsoft! I'm having withdrawals I just finished ringed city.


Monster hunter world is either going to be glorious or fail miserably. I'm still dissapointed that demons souls 2 didn't get announced at e3. Wolfenstein? I may preorder and break my rule based off the last 2 games


Who else is NOT excited about call of duty ww2? Give us another Vietnam game pls


I'd rather play superman 64 than andromeda. Still need to finish horizon but destiny has its hooks in again because age of triumph... need more tme in the day


Anyone else having a ton of trouble with the ringed city??? Good lord it's hard.


Life and death and games

My best friend passed away exactly a month ago, from Glioblastoma; it's a 100% fatal aggressive brain cancer that doesn't respond to treatments.  He was 35.  We'd been friends for 25 years.  I miss him.  He was a gi...


nioh is so well done that I might like it more than soulsborne


New to this blog/quick post thing. Playing mass effect andromeda, horizon, and Nioh. Tomorrow couch co op will be had with gears 4 along with adult beverages


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