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First time having a goat cheese habanero ice cream. HANABERO. I would never thought of a chili nor spice ice-cream flavor had existed in this world........ And it was good.


Buying a discounted item from Aliexpress and received a broken item instead. Open a dispute just to have to deal with an ASSHOLE seller answer me only one reply a day for 5 days already and all replies is just a redundant of nonsense. CHINESE.


I am not trying to disrespect but Jesus lol, when somebody birthday make a Qtoid more horrifying than a Halloween day. HBD though.


3 Drivers for a party, one can equip up to 3 blades so that's equal 9 blades for a party. Blades are divide into 3 role Tank-DPS-Healer so 9 role slots to be creative here. A JRPG- party building lover like me, this is totally a hype.


"Sonic Forces was reviewed using a retail copy for Nintendo Switch purchased by Polygon." Purchase made before the actual release date despite Sega's efforts to bar a negative review. lol


New game from Sucker Punch! HELL YES!


Happy Halloween :D


A bridal Mario does not wear shorts under skirt. Better than a bridal Lucina in a sense of righteousness, I dare say.


Keep up with the top ranking is crazy. Took me hours to pull this off yet I still slower than the top by 8 seconds :(


Odyssey keep getting better and better.


Mario Odyssey is now being distributed in some country earlier than the official release date. Me and my jealously and another 3 night :(


My hopeless FE Warriors review: Underwears are replaced with shorts. Everything is hopeless.


Normally I go shop for home stuffs at midnight because less people. Today I went to a near store at 4pm instead then browse stuff on Qtoid as usual while in a line for check out. Suddenly a kid behind me shouted very loud "Mom, he look at porn." Oh god...


I am out of idea for a new team.


OK, I am mind blown.


What I think about Battlefront 2 beta. Nope, not about buyingbthe game day one.


Randomly browsing around the Internet and found the final OVA for Eureka seven AO that directly connect after the last episode 5 yrs. ago on youtube. Also found a news about a remake of original Eureka seven in the same night. Such a great night for me.


Just finished the Golf Story. Later half of the game somehow make me feel like it was an unfinished game and a lot of contents seem was cut down. Now I have nothing to play until Mario comes out :(


It's already 25th and still no words about Golf Story. Oh dang.


I have been constantly checking gamestop site for MHW collector edition since the announcement until this noon and the item still not appear for pre-order. Have a nap after work and woke up at 10pm, check the site, and all pre-order are already gone.


And that's the end for It was fun, I hope they will make a big campaign like this again.


This capped screen has been occupied as my main wallpaper since the first time Nintendo show its trailer. #wallpapertoid


100% completion, move on to hard mode. Hope there's something more.


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