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First time having a goat cheese habanero ice cream. HANABERO. I would never thought of a chili nor spice ice-cream flavor had existed in this world........ And it was good.


Buying a discounted item from Aliexpress and received a broken item instead. Open a dispute just to have to deal with an ASSHOLE seller answer me only one reply a day for 5 days already and all replies is just a redundant of nonsense. CHINESE.


I am not trying to disrespect but Jesus lol, when somebody birthday make a Qtoid more horrifying than a Halloween day. HBD though.


3 Drivers for a party, one can equip up to 3 blades so that's equal 9 blades for a party. Blades are divide into 3 role Tank-DPS-Healer so 9 role slots to be creative here. A JRPG- party building lover like me, this is totally a hype.


"Sonic Forces was reviewed using a retail copy for Nintendo Switch purchased by Polygon." Purchase made before the actual release date despite Sega's efforts to bar a negative review. lol


New game from Sucker Punch! HELL YES!


Happy Halloween :D


A bridal Mario does not wear shorts under skirt. Better than a bridal Lucina in a sense of righteousness, I dare say.


Keep up with the top ranking is crazy. Took me hours to pull this off yet I still slower than the top by 8 seconds :(


Odyssey keep getting better and better.


Mario Odyssey is now being distributed in some country earlier than the official release date. Me and my jealously and another 3 night :(


My hopeless FE Warriors review: Underwears are replaced with shorts. Everything is hopeless.


Normally I go shop for home stuffs at midnight because less people. Today I went to a near store at 4pm instead then browse stuff on Qtoid as usual while in a line for check out. Suddenly a kid behind me shouted very loud "Mom, he look at porn." Oh god...


I am out of idea for a new team.


OK, I am mind blown.


What I think about Battlefront 2 beta. Nope, not about buyingbthe game day one.


Randomly browsing around the Internet and found the final OVA for Eureka seven AO that directly connect after the last episode 5 yrs. ago on youtube. Also found a news about a remake of original Eureka seven in the same night. Such a great night for me.


Just finished the Golf Story. Later half of the game somehow make me feel like it was an unfinished game and a lot of contents seem was cut down. Now I have nothing to play until Mario comes out :(


It's already 25th and still no words about Golf Story. Oh dang.


I have been constantly checking gamestop site for MHW collector edition since the announcement until this noon and the item still not appear for pre-order. Have a nap after work and woke up at 10pm, check the site, and all pre-order are already gone.


And that's the end for Layton.world. It was fun, I hope they will make a big campaign like this again.


This capped screen has been occupied as my main wallpaper since the first time Nintendo show its trailer. #wallpapertoid


100% completion, move on to hard mode. Hope there's something more.


If you are impressed with the Octopath demo then check your email for the survey andd leave them feedbacks. The team behind Bravely Default are taking feedback quite seriously as shown in the improvement they did in Bravely Default: For the Sequel.


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