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Donning the lobster shirt.

Nearly seven years ago, I went back to a job with a grocery store I'd worked at years before, out of a desire to escape a night job that was killing me and not really paying what few bills I had, and to help out a former supervisor who'd bu...


Taters gonna tate.

Most recent amongst my gamer sins is having not played Portal 2 with any due timeliness. Thankfully, the latest Steam Summer Sale coincided with at time I actually had a few pennies to spare, and I picked up what was reportedly one of the g...


Dbumps in the Night - SCP-087

Dbumps in the Night is my weeknightly stream of scary/spooky games; here, I'll be doing complementary articles on my impressions of what I've played. I spent my evenings this past week with the five known freeware game takes on the tale ...


Thank you Ron! But your princess is in another castle!

So, Ron Rosenberg, executive producer of the forthcoming Tomb Raider game, wants to justify the Lifetime Original Movie level of beatdowns, oppression, and outright abuse of the younger, more naive Lara Croft as inspiration to make the pl...


Dreaming: Karting... Evolved

Ah, the mascot/franchise-based kart racing game. Once an oft-abused staple of the cash-in side of game production, the tendency for publishers to slap their characters into a realm of zany tracks and madcap fantasy weaponry seems to have mo...


This was supposed to be a dozen items about nekobun.

Problem is, I forgot two of them. So you get six and four. F) "Game show host" was probably the longest career goal I had as a young child My heroes growing up were Alex Trebek and J.D. Roth, and as much as I wanted to be on Video Power...

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Disappointment: Bad(vent) Timing

[For his Bloggers Wanted essay response, nekobun shares his disappointment not with a game itself, but rather, its lack of success. Want to see your own words appear on the front page? Get writing! --Mr Andy Dixon] Back in th...


Halo 4 guesstimation, pre-emptive tl;dr version

Jack your volume down if you're up for some terrible singing, as my mic sucks less than I thought and picked up at a higher level than I expected. Legit writeup coming soon, based mostly on content from the terminals in Halo 3 and Combat...


Retake Ass Erect 3

A Petition for Alternate Reviews by Destructoid Editor Jim Sterling We, the undersigned, respectfully request the consideration of the following petition. Whereas: * Video games are an interactive medium providing detailed frameworks w...


Changing ME3's ending = evil wins again

Let me start off by saying I'm not equating the hordes of fanboys that may have initiated a "correction" to Mass Effect 3's ending to evil in this case. While I do consider their ilk, as a whole, to be some sort of internet-bound omega bitc...


Retake Mass Effect is the Kony 2012 of videogames

Apparently, it wasn't enough just to cry a river about the endings to Mass Effect 3. Some of the whiners trying to force BioWare's hand and get a new ending as DLC have decended to new lows by tying their selfishness to a Child's Play fun...


Browser Games: The gods must be crazy

While it was only recently released on Steam, the low-res MMO Realm of the Mad God has been a browser-based experience for far longer, having been around in beta form as far back as two years ago, and in "released" form as of mid-2011. Si...


Now is the winter of on-disc content

The recent kerfluffle over the discovery of locked-away content on the Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter X Tekken has re-animated the debate over how far is too far when it comes to on-disc DLC. Previously called into question by games l...


Promotions: The bees are all right

The late 1990s and early 2000s, some of the earliest alternate reality games, or ARGs, would seep their way into small segments of public awareness. Sort of a blend of geocaching, viral marketing, social networking, and interactive stories,...


GameStop jammed it in the wrong hole (Calibur V)

Chances are, I'm not the only person here who preordered Soul Calibur V from GameStop, thereby getting screwed out of the Dampierre DLC code in favor of some goofy chunk of plastic done up to look like Ivy Valentine. I thought they were giv...


About nekobunone of us since 5:17 PM on 06.29.2007

Hi, I'm Chris, though I've been going by nekobun and variants thereof for so long, I kind of answer to both anymore.

While I've kind of got my own thing going in the realm of indie coverage, at least in the form of playing through (and streaming) (and writing about) the huge backlog I'm developing of games gleaned from various indie bundles, I try to keep my more mainstream, game-related features here, as well as opinion pieces on the industry at large, out of mad love for the 'toid. When I'm not rambling here or trying to be clever in comments threads, you can catch me rambling on Facebook and my Twitter, and trying to be clever in the Dtoid.tv chat.

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The wrong thing: Only cream and bastards catch them all.
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It's Thinking: Could you quit playing with that radio, love?
Do the wrong thing: And do it right, for once.
Afraid to shoot strangers.
Not if you were the last junkie on Pandora
Is Jim Sterling servicing the video games industry?
Something About Sex: Unsafe at any speed.
Doing DLC right
Congress passes sweeping Elfcare reform bill
Bottom five healthcare systems in videogames.
Pushing my love over the quarter line.
When my life would depend on an eight point none.
Remember the heroes.
Every Journey begins with a single step.
It's all over now, bomber blue.
Being Social: We'll always have Rainbow Road
Labor Day: Of course you realize, this means wark.
Please, aim it higher.
There Would've Been Brawl: Show me 'round your eggplantcage.
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Zelda Week: I guess this is growing up.
MAGfest: the (don't be an) idiot's guide
Promotions: The bees are alright
Now is the winter of on-disc content
This was supposed to be a dozen items about nekobun.
Without Slenderness, there's something missing.
Cheap tricks (and treats) don't come cheaper than free.
The legacy of the (unlikely) wizard.
Cheap Tricks II: Sugar rush boogaloo
Thank you, for bringing me here, for showing me Home.
Burnt flowers fallen: the tragic bitchotry of Lilly Caul
Red and blue, resolving into purple.
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