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War on Christmas

Follow my blog here: http://encyclopediaoflime.blogspot.com/ For a while I was writing "Merry Christx" as a tongue in cheek commentary on those who write things like "Merry CHRISTmas" etc... I never got a single laugh, and most likely wa...


Phone Lime

I'm going to try to do this thing where I write e-mails to my friends in an attempt to have more meaningful exchanges with people I know and care about but do not have much occasion to speak with. This would be instead of sort of casually ...


About Liam Limeone of us since 4:11 PM on 06.16.2011

I may not merit the title of "gamer" but video games have always been a part of my life. Some seasons significantly more than others, and some games more than others. I was still young when the Nintendo Entertainment System made its debut, but I still remember playing Pitfall, Adventure, and Space Invaders on the Atari. Games with unrivaled significance in my life have been: The Legends of Zelda, both Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask; Final Fantasy VII & VIII; and Portal. It is probably not a coincidence that I shared all of these games (in 2 cases in their entirety) with my best friend. The early years swept me away with The Legends of Zelda, The Princes of Persia, Super Mario 2, MegaMan 2, Street Fighter II, Double Dragon, Super MarioKart, Pilot Wings, Ninja Gaiden, Punch Out, Contra, and Metroid.

My latest jaunts into gaming have been largely disappointing since while playing Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey I discovered that sometime during the last two decades I've grown up. I still do not have the time or resources to mount any kind of comeback, but I always keep the pilot light on so that one day I can reunite with my estranged inner-gamer.