5th Cell’s new game? Scribblenauts!

Earlier in the week, 5th Cell teased that a new game was in the works. As a huge fan of Lock’s Quest, I was certainly intrigued, and now I bring you word that, via an IGN interview, the company has made its revelation — Scribblenauts!

Wait, what? Let 5th Cell explain the concept of this DS title to you:

What Scribblenauts is about in a nutshell is basically “Anything you write, you can use.” That’s where the concept really came from. It’s the idea of “What if you had all these puzzles, and in order to solve them you can write anything; the limit is your imagination.” How you do that is through this character Maxwell. As Maxwell you have to grab in-level objects called Starites, and to do that you can write anything you want, and it’ll spawn that object. So if there’s a Starite in the tree, you could write “ladder” and then a ladder would spawn. Climb up the ladder, and you grab the Starite.

There’re more ways of doing it though obviously. You could write “axe”, and then cut the tree down using the object you spawned. You could write “shuriken” and throw that at the Starite in the tree and knock it down. It’s all based on real physics and interaction, so there’s nothing pre-canned.

The game is using what’s called an “Objectnaut” system to help create items based on what you write, including AI properties, weight, size and even flammability. If you want to replay a level though, you can’t use the same object, making you think outside the box. This is going to be 5th Cell’s biggest DS game to date and I have to confess, it sounds rather awesome, if a little crazy. Check out the full interview and the trailer for more details.

Does this sound great to you? If not, what’s wrong with your head?

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