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3Feel Online - Multiplayer Sex Game

2006-03-30 21:23:14  ·  Kuri

The April issue of Wired magazine has a nice special on games. One of the games covered is 3Feel Online, a Korean multiplayer sex game. Taking cybersex to the next level is what this game is all about. Listen up ladies, apparently you can even plug a vibrator to your PC and really get the feel of it. Don't believe it? Look at the pics here. For some, uh... funny videos, look here. Just click the two links under ムービー. The Japanese and Koreans get all the cool games. In America, all we keep getting are sequels to wrestling games. What's next? WWF Backyard Trailer-Trash Redneck Sisters SMACKDOWN (IV)! (Niero started a petition to import that new constipated pets game.)

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