3DS tech details: MP3 playback, camera recording and more

We all have a pretty good idea of how the upcoming Nintendo 3DS is going to work, but I’m sure many of us have more detailed technical questions that go beyond the basic functionality. IGN rounded up a bunch of questions and sent them along to Nintendo for answers. Not all of the questions got great answers (typical Nintendo), but there’s some interesting details in this list.

MP3: One of the most interesting facts is that developers are free to use the 3DS MP3 playback functionality as they wish. In other words, custom game soundtracks are possible. 

DS multiplayer: Yes, the 3DS will support multiplayer DS games.

Multitouch support: Nope

3D video recording: Not yet, but Nintendo reminds that Miyamoto said he wants it. 

Voice chat: They say nothing on this.

Check out these details and more in IGN’s article.

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