3DS RPG Devil Survivor Overclocked screens, new website

So excite. Today, as you read this, I’ll probably be receiving my Japanese Nintendo 3DS. Much of the excitement I have for this system is not for the launch titles, but for what’s coming up after, when the developers really get cooking. Well, that and cool ports.

One of the titles I’m looking forward to is Atlus’ Devil Survivor Overclocked. That’s mostly because I enjoyed the original DS title so much. Now it’ll be bigger and sexier and will dangle fancy 3D things before my eyes. If you want to get an idea of what it looks like (sans 3D, of course) you can check out these new screenshots in our gallery below.

There’s also a new North American webpage for Devil Survivor Overclocked. It’s really nothing more than a teaser site with some screens and voice samples right now. Yes, voice samples. This port of the game adds full voicing. The full webpage is coming soon, says Atlus.

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