3DS browser will be based on NetFront, coming in May

I know! What the f*ck is NetFront. Opera was the back end of the Wii and DS browser, but Japanese company Access will be supplying the innards of the 3DS browser, which is expected to hit Japanese 3DS systems in May

Tomihisa Kamada, CEO of Access, said his company is honored to be in the browser business for Nintendo. Psssht! Who wouldn’t be?

Siliconera links us to this page that details the features of the mobile NetFront browser. Maybe the 3DS version will share similar features. I think it’s cool that you’ll be able to pull up the ‘net while gaming. I’ll love that for checking FAQs and whatnot.

Right now? There’s nothing but a page that tells you to screw off when you hit the internet icon. Oh, and there’s an assy wannabe browser for the Nintendo Zone section of the 3DS. It’s terrible. I hope that’s not NetFront powered.

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