3D Realms is hosting its Realms Deep digital showcase in September

3D Realms Realms Deep

New Blood, Dread XP, Nightdive, and more will be there too

3D Realms is hosting another Realms Deep, its digital showcase, in September. The publisher will host its event throughout one weekend, September 16 to 18.

The main show kicks off at 12 p.m. PT on Friday, September 16 on 3D Realms’ Twitch and YouTube channels. There will be game reveals and updates, including news on GravenCore Decay, and Ion Fury‘s expansion Aftershock.

Alongside those, 3D Realms pals will be showing up to share some info too. Fulqrum, New Blood, HYPERSTRANGE, Dread XP, and Nightdive Studios will be sharing what’s new. The showcase is expected to be more than an hour and a half long, highlighting both retro-inspired and contemporary FPS, and even some non-shooters.

The showcase will also include a LAN party in-person, in Aalborg, Denmark. And for those at home, a Steam sale and demo showcase will also run September 15 through 19, highlighting recently revealed titles, playable demos, and discounts on games.

Realms deeper

Previous Realms Deep showcases have highlighted a decent mix of games, though it will most likely appeal to the old-school PC FPS fan the most. Games like the horror-themed shooter Cultic are due to make an appearance in some capacity, so if you like classic FPS action (a.k.a. “boomer shooters”), you’ll probably find something to like here.

The showcase will extend into the weekend, too. 3D realms will be giving the spotlight to creators, developers, and personalities. Some independent games will also be taking the stage throughout the weekend too.

As the summer gaming news bonanza winds down, a demo showcase sounds pretty alright. Chances are high I’ll find something interesting to put on my Steam wishlist during the weekend, and it’s nice to be able to trial run a bunch of games without having to do all that travel.

Eric Van Allen