3D Dot Game Heroes: New character and magic system stuff

With yesterday’s onslaught of 3D Dot Game Heroes media and Zelda accusations, some new information has surfaced detailing a fourth character class and the game’s magic system. The new character, revealed yesterday, is called the Ancient Hero, and he’ll be joining the Prince, Hero and Scholar classes. The Ancient Hero is a legendary warrior who saved Dotnia Kingdom back when it was in 2D, sealing away the demon Onikis.

Dotnia Kingdom is made up of several distinct regions which have been named by Andriasang, although translation may be rough in places. The regions are: Poleto Forest, Arudo Wasteland, Sadoran Cemetary, Lajak Village, Cornelia Village, Dark Tower, Batalua Field, Gilga Beach, Kai Crater, Visclo Volcano, and Nuntora Desert.

The most important information, however, regards the magic system. Known as “Shader Magic,” these spells will be required not only to combat enemies, but solve puzzles. The Frozen Shader spell turns the area surrounding the character to ice, while Parallax Map is a spell that allows the player to see things they would not ordinarily be able to view with the naked eye. Normal Map is a ground pound that generates a damaging shockwave while Reflection turns the character into a mirror that, as you could guess, reflects damage.

The spells are shown in our gallery, so make sure to check them out. The more I see of this game, the hotter it gets. Can’t wait until I hear of a Western release date.

Jim Sterling