3D Dot Game Heroes goes gold, sprite statues rejoice

See how happy they are? Spelunker looks like he’s about to burst into song. Probably. Anyway, From Software held a little event in Yokohama over the weekend to commemorate 3D Dot Game Heroes heading into production, and brought along these rad statues.

Producer Takueti Masaru and Project Manager Misawa Hiroyuki of Silicon Studios were on hand, declaring October 10th “Day of the Dot.” Why that date holds any particular significance is beyond me, but if you’ve got some insight, feel free to enlighten us all in the comments.

The important thing to take from all of this is that the game’s development is finished, and it’s now in the production stages. Also, there exist these two awesome statues somewhere, which someone should steal for the Destructoid office. Check out a few more photos in the gallery.

[Via Dengeki Online]

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