360 “Wiimote” has a codename: Newton!

A few days ago, our own Dale North gave us the skinny on the Microsoft version of the famed Wiimote, as lazy gamers groaned and liberally applied their palms to their faces. It seems the craze to jump all over the living room while you game is not going away, and those of us that don’t like it may have to try a bit harder to avoid it in future. If you love your Wiimote, however, you’ll be pleased to meet Newton, which is the codename for the new controller. It may change, so don’t get too attached just yet!

It seems as if Microsoft licensed patents from a company called Gyration, who make motion-sensing mice for computer use that you probably haven’t heard of. Gizmodo made the mock version in the pic above, which is easily imaginable as the final product, although I personally hope they go for a different color (black would be cool.)

Both controllers have built in mics, but somehow envisioning use of this controller with Live’s services makes me think Microsoft could have a leg up on the concept in the long run, even though it is obviously copied from Nintendo. Only time will tell, as we won’t see the controller in the flesh until later this year.

[Via Gizmodo – Thanks, Adam]

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