360 version of Rage will not be ‘altered’ despite having two discs

Yesterday 1UP reported that the Xbox 360 version of id Software’s upcoming shooter Rage would have fairly significant changes made to it because of limited disc space. The information stems from lead designer at id, Tim Willits, who told an audience at Austin Game Developers Conference that the Xbox 360 version would have “altered” content that would inhibit the way players experience Rage’s story. Also, he confirmed that Rage would have two discs for the Xbox 360 and smaller exploration based areas called wastelands as a recourse to the smaller disc-based format.

Since then the story has changed fairly significantly. Willits spoke to Shacknews about the altered content and flatly denied that any changes would be made:

There was NO CONTENT removed from RAGE because of the 360–NONE AT ALL. Moving from multiple wastelands into fewer but larger wastelands was a far better decision and is actually giving us more gameplay in the game.

What’s interesting is that id is maintaining a position that any change being made because of technical issues will be made across the board. If true, that means PC players will have to suffer the consequences of the Xbox 360’s limited DVD space.

It’s certainly depressing, isn’t it PC gamers? I had the opportunity to ask my cat, Hannibal, about the change. He wasn’t too pleased (I could ascertain this by watching his tail) but said that the changes were “completely fair and rational.” He also said that he enjoys switching discs like it’s 1996.

Brad BradNicholson