30 Seconds to Mars declares ‘war’ on Dragon Age

While Marilyn Manson may have been the soundtrack for Dragon Age: Origin‘s early marketing, BioWare looked elsewhere when bringing the rock to the final game. 

Electronic Arts has announced that 30 Seconds to Mars’ title track from its upcoming album, This is War, makes its debut in-full in the game, which just released today. The band’s new album is set to hit stores on December 8, so consider this a world premiere. Of course, Jim didn’t know this when reviewing the game because he may or may not have ever heard of 30 Seconds to Mars. 

You can have a listen to the song by watching the video above, which was co-produced by the band’s front-man Jared Leto. Might I add that it’s totally bad ass? The trailer, not the song. The song’s okay. The imagery plus the song kind of makes me want to buy the game though, even if it doesn’t feature any gameplay. Mission accomplished, I’d say.

Nick Chester