2K Games working on new Duke Nukem game?

The ongoing saga that is Duke Nukem continues with fresh developments today, as it has been revealed that 2K Games is working, or at least was working, on an all-new game known as Duke Begins. Apogee and Take Two are currently embroiled in a legal battle, and it is from deep within the court documents that the revelation has been made.

According to Apogee’s court filing; “Apogee, Take-Two, and 2K Games entered into an agreement in which Apogee granted 2K Games the exclusive right to develop and publish a new videogame based upon Apogee’s Duke Nukem franchise… The new game was given the working title of “Duke Begins” and is not the same game as the DNF game …”

The various parties agreed that Duke Begins would be completed and released by mid-2010, but Apogee claims that the game was canceled by Take Two and 2K without any consultation, something that has apparently been denied by both the developer and publisher. Now Apogee claims it is being pressured into selling all Duke properties to Take Two for “less than their true value.”

As with all things Duke-related, there is now no clue as to what the status of this new game is. Does it exist, will it be made, and what will happen to it in the future? We just don’t know. Yet another Duke Nukem game confimed to the realm of mystery.

Jim Sterling