20th Century Fox toying with Halo merchandise (I’m sorry)

Do you really like Halo? Are you frustrated by the amount of open space in your home which is going to waste, when it could be filled with perfectly good plastic crap? Don’t worry. 20th Century Fox is here to help.

Clearly still wanting a big slice of the Halo money-cake after the implosion of its proposed movie, Fox has just signed a deal with Microsoft putting it in charge of worldwide merchandise licensing for the franchise.

While Halo 3 is obviously going to be the cigarette butt in the deal’s firework factory, Fox has plans to keep the momentum going long-term. The company’s Executive Vice President of Domestic Licensing Elie Dekel believes that the franchise’s fan-base is big enough to allow Fox to keep merchandise sales healthy from Halo 3 right up to its follow-up. Even if you count Halo Wars, which is reportedly still a fair way from release, that’s a hell of a lot of toys, books, comics and t-shirts on the way. 

Though while the thought of a world in which you can be woken up under a Halo bedspread by your Halo alarm clock, before drinking your Halo coffee from your Halo mug and eating your Halo Flakes in your Halo pajamas may well be terrifying (Or not, depending on your level of fandom), videogame merchandising doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A case in point would be the recent announcement that purveyor of jaw-droppingly gorgeous action figures Todd McFarlane has secured the Halo 3 license, and will be bringing the range to stores in spring 2007. Check out the gallery for the Master Chief prototype. 

[Via Next Generation, with thanks to the unstoppable Joe Burling] 


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