2014 recap: The 15 most popular posts on Destructoid this year


With bonus reviews and staff picks

We post a lot of stuff here on Destructoid. News, reviews, opinion editorials -- you know the drill. Every now and then, a post will catch fire and get ridiculously popular. Sometimes it's a complete mystery as to why; sometimes it's very obvious (as is the case with number one on this list). Still, it's fun to look back at the end of the year and see what performed particularly well.

These are the 15 posts that performed best from a traffic standpoint in 2014. Because reviews are kind of in a league of their own, I've also included the top five toward the bottom. And, just for funsies, there are another five bonus posts that the staff enjoyed the most this year.

Fifteen most popular posts

15. I'm going to miss tripping in Super Smash Bros. 4

It's almost laughable that this kicks off the list, because, with the vast majority of people, this was the opposite of popular. In fact, it was rage-inducing for some. But, I think our dear Jonathan Holmes still loves the pratfalls in Smash, even if you don't.

14. Destiny's 'Queen Wrath' event is underway, here is what it brings

For whatever reason, Chris posting about a Destiny event did really well. He even described it as "middling," and that "Bungie can do better than this." Still, a lot of people were at least interested enough to read about it.

You'll see that these don't always make sense.

13. You can get an Xbox One bundle for as cheap as $200

This one isn't as much of a mystery. Turns out that everyone likes cheap electronics, and, as demonstrated a bit further down the list, free things.

12. GameStop to roll out a credit card with a really high interest rate

Talk about a boring post. We got the heads-up that GameStop was going to offer a credit card, and it got passed around the Internet. That's how these things go sometimes. 

11. Intelligent Systems is thinking about the next Advance Wars and Fire Emblem

While half of our team was in Los Angeles for E3, Jordan was one of several holding down the news front from home. Smack dab in the middle of that madness was the reveal of Code Name: STEAM, and in a post-presentation Q&A, someone brought up the beloved Fire Emblem and Advance Wars franchises. As indicated by this post's performance, many were excited to hear about the future of those properties.

10. The Super Smash Bros. for Wii U challenges unlocking guide

The Wii U release of Super Smash Bros. took the world by storm in November, and it left lots wondering what needed to be done to clear the game's many challenges. Luckily, Holmes had a challenge guide to help everyone out.

9. Don't overplay the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire demo

Jordan advises you not to burn yourself out on a Pokémon demo, because that's something he did. Seems like we need to keep Jordan busier.

8. Download Red Orchestra 2 on Steam for free

"Free stuff! Hellz to the yeah!," you said before realizing that you sounded ridiculous.

7. Now's a nice time to buy a Wii U: Here's everything you should know

Steven advises exactly how someone like you should go about buying a Wii U. Spoiler: It involves having a job so that you have money. Ehhh, maybe it's not worth it.

6. South Park: The Stick of Truth gets its first DLC pack

Who wouldn't want to know about a three-costume pack for South Park? This is obviously another one whose popularity is lost on us. Chris cleanin' up on those.

5. Rust: If you see the Penis Brothers, take off your pants

Headline of the year? Headline of the year.

4. XCOMPayday 2, and eight other games are free to play on Steam this weekend

"Man, I really wish I didn't get so excited and spell 'hellz' with a 'z' back there. I hope Brett doesn't think less of me now." I do, Internet. I do.

3. Anticipation Simulator 2015 pushed back to 2016

Max doing funny guy Max stuff. Typical Max. He's so tall that he makes for an awkward hug. I still try every time I see him, though.

2. Guide: How to use the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter

People needed a bit of help as to how to use the Pokemon Bank and Transporter apps. Jordan was your proverbial guiding Sherpa up the treacherous terrain of Mount Poké.

1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare leaked, see the first video and images

Stick with me, because this is going to be hard to follow. As it turns out, when you reveal the next installment in the world's most popular videogame franchise, a lot of people want to read about it. Shocking stuff, but it's true.

Five most popular reviews

5. inFamous: Second Son

Hope you're ready for the Chris Carter show, because he had all five of the most popular reviews on Destructoid this year.

4. Watch Dogs

Seriously, he's a beast. I don't know how he plays so many videogames.

3. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Sometimes I tell him to look out a window. It's almost like a TV screen in a way.

2. Far Cry 4

But, that would detract from playing videogames, and that's the only thing Chris Carter was programmed to do.

1. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Well, play videogames and think less of Shadow of Mordor than nearly every other person alive.

Staff picks for five most enjoyable posts of the year (in no particular order)

5. You won't believe these Kirby pics that Dtoid drew, they will blow your mind and restore your faith in humanity

During the waning hours of E3, the stress of the week finally got to us and we lost focus. Instead of scrambling for last second scoops like other outlets, we blew off steam by drawing some pictures of Kirby. It was probably the right decision.

4. World exclusive Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare preview

Remember how our number one most popular post was the reveal of Advanced Warfare? Yeah, Activision wasn't so happy with that, so our invitations to all the preview events got lost in the mail throughout the year. That didn't stop Kyle from imagining what he probably would've seen had he gone.

3. We're celebrating Sonic's 23rd birthday the only way we know how

The "only way we knew how" was through erotic fan fiction and amateur drawings. It's also where we learned that Brittany is a force to be reckoned with. And, Steven. Oh, Steven.

2. Bored of the things: Shadow of Mordor should've been a dating sim

Speaking of Steven, he took issue with Shadow of Mordor's (and the general AAA gaming space's) derivative nature. Know what would've made that better? A rom-com twist. You've done it again, Stu Hansen!

1. Remembering the glory of videogame manuals

Brittany fondly looks back on a time when every game came with a thick instruction booklet on what exactly you could expect. Within those manuals were words of wisdom, the only way that you prepare for the adventure ahead. And, at the far back, were some blank pages where you could jot down your own notes.

Pour out a bit of your forty for instruction manuals; I think they're probably gone forever.


We wrote about a lot of fun subjects in 2014. Only five got listed in this round-up, but there was far more that we were proud of. If you'd like, check out the Destructoid Originals tag to rediscover some of it. Here's to hoping 2015 treats us just as well!

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