100 zombies on screen in Dead Rising Wii?

Since Capcom officially unveiled Dead Rising: Chop ‘Til You Drop, we have been patiently wondering what exactly the title could do. The last press release we got our hands on said that “Hoards of enemies on screen at once” would assault our senses and make our Wii remote hands tremble. How many is a hoard? According to WiisWorld and their issue of Nintendo Power, a hoard could possibly be 100 zombies. At least, that’s what Capcom said they are aiming to do.

I won’t go on a tangent dismissing the Wii’s graphical prowess, but something tells me that if Capcom succeeded in such a valiant task, those zombies would look mighty pixilated. But who knows, Mario Party 47 was able to fit up to four characters on the screen at once, so the options are limitless.

With Capcom on the case for 100 zombies, I’m only left to care about how many lawnmowers will be available. Ideally, there should be more than one.

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