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Passage gets modded: The Mr. Destructoid Story

2007-12-11 22:32:00·  2 minute read   ·  Papa Niero

Yes. Nothing is sacred.   Download it and play it right now. 

Look I Drink: The Mr. Destructoid Story is a mod of Jason Rohrer's game by me as an exercise of self deprecation in gaming minimalism. Made in its original gamma 256 competition specs and allows you to somehow consume a dozen pints of alcohol in a tiny passage of 100x16 field of pixels using your arrow keys.  It's also managed to replace all depth, meaning, and emotion from the original game with ROBOTS, BEER, and LULZ.

Too say too much about the debauchery I've just created gives away the gag. But I'll give you a hint: Look I Drink is about what happens after a video game event.  If you've ever been to any of these things, you know that the only thing left to do in the evening is attend after parties, get STDs, and wander around in the middle of the night with the people you got drunk with until you almost miss your flight. This is the real glamorous video game journalism lifestyle, kids!

Played as Mr. Destructoid, there is no "right" and "wrong" way to play the game.  The only question is ... do you pick up Ron Workman or not in the middle of the night or run past him and keep all the beer for yourself?  Does it suggest that each beer you'll pick up is twice as funny in his company, but at the risk that you can't get into half the places because at some point he begins to double-pound them and is eventually streaking down the sidewalk naked?

Play it, come back here, and share your experience in the comments. Score? This game HAS no score. There is only the joy, confusion, and burden of running around in a giant robot helmet.

PS. For the record, I am a HUGE fan of the game. This is my tribute ... in my own weird way.

UPDATE:Thanks to a kind reader, you can now download this soon-to-be classic for Mac as well. Thanks to Alone for sending that in! - N.

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