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Gaming In Zambia (Also: Hi Destructoid, I Missed You)

Dear Destructoid,

Baby I know it’s been a while, but I was hoping we could pick up where we left off. You see Destructoid, I tried to call, I really did, but I’ve been in a rural area in Zambia for the last couple of months teaching nursing and the internet that was available was so slow that it cost me almost $10 Canadian (which looks like its at about parity with the American dollar these days) to send a single e-mail at the local internet cafe, and trying to browse you pretty much caused the computer to turn into a smoking piece of slag. What I’m really trying to say here is that although you’ve got a bunch of new editors (super huge grats to all of you) and new faces in the community, I was hoping that we could get along like old times.

Who loves ya baby?

So yeah, I’m back and my plans have changed a bit. Right now I’m in London, but I’m only here for less than 24 hours (originally it was going to be a week) because I had to change my plans to accommodate a med school interview back in Canada (for the University of Sydney no less. Strange no?), so unfortunately I won’t be able to meet with any UK Dtoiders before I take off. On the plus side, I’m still coming to PAX, just need to work out exactly when I'll be getting into Seattle. Might be earlier than I originally planned...

‘Kay, enough with the “I’m back, pay attention to me” stuff, let’s rock the Zambian gaming scene!

To sum it up: there isn’t one, so you can take off your “wow that’s awfully surprising, I never would have thought that a third world country wouldn’t have a massive personal entertainment industry” face now. Oh sure, the two modern shopping centres in the capital have a few Wiis, 360s, PS2s (no PS3s that I saw, although there were some PS3 games around) and even a few PSPs for sale, but I didn’t see a single DS, and the only DS titles I could find were the following...

1. Nintendogs
2. Brain Training

So like I alluded to earlier: it’s not like you would ever expect to see much in the way of gaming in Zambia, but I’m just trying to give a bit of a feel for what availability is like. Basically the only place that you’ll find stuff is in the capital, and even then, you have to go to one of the very nice, clean, modern shopping centres, which look custom built for tourists.

I spent very little time in such places, but I did see a few things that were gaming related. One of these “things” was that the most popular barbershop in the area that I was living just so happened to have a PS2 hooked up for anyone to play while waiting, and apparently it’s a bit of a local hangout for some of the neighbourhood kids (I live pretty far from the place and I’ve never gone in, only passed by a few times, but I know some locals that told me what they knew). Now clearly the magical power of videogames is working, even in an extremely poor, rural place in a third world country where the power goes out every night between 6 and 9pm, as well as randomly throughout the day. Now that’s what I call hardcore fucking gaming.

During my time in Mongu (the town that I worked in) the only gaming stuff I saw for sale was this: THE MOHAWK GAME STATION! NOW ONLY K197 400!!

For those interested in the conversion, it’s about 3000 kwacha (Zambia’s national currency) to the dollar, meaning that the Mohawk costs around 65 dollars. There’s absolutely NO information on the box. That picture that you see is everything that I know about that thing.
In other news: the reason that much of Zambia’s infrastructure and economy is in shambles? Almost all government spending has been put towards making METAL GEARS!

Crazy, I know. The Japanese are going to be shitting their pants when they find out that they aren’t the only country with giant nuclear equipped walking battle tanks (and yes, I realize that the Metal Gear series isn’t set in Japan, quit breaking my balls).
Suffice it to say, there really isn’t much gaming related stuff to talk about during my time in Zambia, other than tedious personal anecdotes, so I’ll finish this little entry up here by leaving you with proof that I be representin’ the ‘toid wherever I go.

I also taught my nursing students while wearing that shirt.

See baby? I was thinking about you even if I couldn’t call.

Random quote... EXECUTE!

“Oh for fucks sake...”

- Me upon seeing the number of articles, news and games that I need to catch up on
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