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Oops...I Broke the DS


Not as bad as this.

Bugger. I was perfectly happy, scribbling away at New International Track and Field when I knackered my DS. Believe me, from what I gather, the game is ripe for killing the Nintendo handheld.

I found myself unable to use the touch-screen through the sheer amount of pressure I applied with the stylus on the screen. I noticed I was getting a little less feedback from certain areas of the screen, until it refused to acknowledge any prod or poke. Sigh.

Anyway, I've sent it to someone to get it fixed. I might also try to obtain another DS (probably a Lite version) so I don't have to change the friend code for the button-basher.

Someone said I might have to place £50 down. Teaches me to buy something second-hand... I hope and pray that it won't come to that...otherwise I'll be beggin'...




Batthink out.
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