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Sarcastic Gamer recommends The Sterling

Sarcastic Gamer recently ran an article recommending its top 5 gaming writers. Topping a list that includes Kotaku's Owen Good (who does an awesome weekend job there) and 1UP's Jeff Green was yours truly. I now present the case Sarcastic Gamer made, for egotistical reasons:


"Jim Sterling - Destructoid

Okay I lied. I DO have a favorite writer, and he's first (the rest are randomly ordered I swear to Christ.)

Jim has the rare ability to be ridiculous, over the top, and deadly serious at the same time. Jim can say more in 300 words than a lot of bloggers could hope to in a week. Some of my recent favorites include Jim weighing on the Fat Princess, his take on improvements being made to Alone in the Dark, and his hilarious impalement of Denis Dyack."


Made me grin, it has to be said. My work tends to make a vocal minority very angry, so sometimes it's hard to gauge how well you're connecting with readers when a handful of people are telling you consistently that you have no talent and should die. While I do get some sick pleasure in making idiots furious at me, I much prefer to know that I'm making people happy. Getting really nice emails from readers and seeing posts like this remind me that I'm on the right track.

Also candy. You all need to send me fuckbuckets of candy!
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