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$100 Off Xbox 360 Elites with free shipping @ Dell


Just in case you missed the $299 sale, Dell is now offering the Xbox 360 elites for $349 with free shipping over here. Be sure to enter "V8Q199$GCXJWL$" in the coupon code box when you check out to get the discount. Considering the rumored price drop for the 60 gig model will be $299 in September, I'd be willing to say $349 for an elite is a bargain.

I jumped all over this for my first venture into 360 gaming amidst my concerns of defective consoles. May the red ring of death reaper have mercy on my humble home and shrinking wallet. Rest assured though, many of the $299 sale recipients claim that the models they received have the latest chip-sets in them.

The coupon is allegedly good till August 20th, or at least until Dell pulls the deal.

[via CAG]
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