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Soul Calibur IV: Haruhi raep and Sweaty Hula-Hoopin' men international championships

Haruhi raeps Miruku

I think I did a good job on Haruhi, but Miruku had like no costumes for me to choose from, plus there's no real puffy hair schemes, so I had to go with the curly hair. Either way, Haruhi does the enslave bite and wins the world championship.

I put on my Wizard Hat and Robe:

Mr. Fun from San Francisco and Mr. Negro from Zimbabwe are competing simultaneously for the Gold Medal! Things get hot and sticky, and the inevitable happens.

Now, that's what I call a critical finish!


Thanks for butchering the quality Mr. YouTube!

Did I even mention how amazing the character creation mode is? I really wish I got the limited edition so I could have more outfits to play around with.
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