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Hardcore Or Casual-Depends Who's Saying It...

Don’t get me wrong on the following rant like blog, but some labels are OK. Take for
example male and female. If it’s a blind date the word female will go a long way in
determining if I wash, shave, and crack open my piggy bank to take out said female. I
would love to have the label of millionaire attached to my name, but since I haven’t won
the lottery, own a successful business, or done anything that gets one that particular title to
the next tax bracket I’m great with just being a gamer.

Gamer. That can apply to “casual” and “hardcore”. Yes, No, or, Maybe I don’t think
there is an official rule book on the when, where, to whom, and how to on using these
words, maybe if you had more background info on a certain person in a certain situation
that could be a factor in to which side of the casual or hardcore fence they fall on. I’ll use
myself here please just bare with me I’m going to get to the part where “I Mr. Fuck a term”
had to stop dead in my tracks and readjust my thought process a lil’ bit. I’ve subscribed to
five gaming magazines a month. Listen to ten or more video game podcast a week. Pre-
ordered my 360 and PS3. Buy special editions and rent games almost monthly (remember
that last part; I rent almost monthly). Picks what games to play in part because of the
developer. Idolize Hideo Kojima. Write about video games on my own websight
yeagershots.com and am a member of the destruictoid hardcore gamer
community. Those are just a few facts on my “gaming resumé” that should be enough to
get me into the “hardcore gamer category.”

Well as the title suggest guess it depends on who’s saying it. Here’s where my entire
blogging rant stems from, one day talking about what games we’re playing amongst a
coworker we went over the games played this past Christmas Holiday season. I mentioned
I mostly rent games with last years embarrassment of riches like the Orange Box, Halo,
and Mass Effect I easily named eight titles in just two months that I played. Then he told
me in that same time frame that he’d brought Call of Duty 4 one of my favorites and his of
the past year. Things took a turn once he started “bragging” (don’t know what else to call it
when one says, “no team can beat my team cause they know we’re that good.”) referring
to the multi-player element. I personally don’t have anything against multi-player it’s just I
simply like the single player story line of my games more. After stating that last sentence
aloud to my coworker he assumed I hated multiplayer. Which is another topic and rant on
how people misinterpret a damn simple statement of “I like both of these and this is my
favorite out the group”. Which in their clouded brain turns in to--”I like this one part, fuck
your part and/or what I don’t feel the same as you about. Hahahaha Damn every ounce of
your being!” Another rant for my Social Studies Blog, Anyway I was then a little startled to
be told that I was a “Casual Gamer” because I didn’t stick with one game and for lack of a
better phrase-- try to master it. My eyes widened in shock but then I thought to myself,
“Well if I keep several fuck buddies then casual sex would apply so I guess I can’t really
argue that one.” It sort of gets into the territory of was it a good throw from the
quarterback or a good catch by the receiver it can be looked at in different ways. I
mentioned sometimes making choices of what games to put in my console by developer if it
comes from Valve I’m for it. Some of my PC people may insist that I’m not really that into
Half-Life cause I’ve only played on console and never with a keyboard and mouse. That’s
just because of lack of know how and money though, still I shouldn’t get a black mesa
bumper sticker cause I’m not hardcore or what hardcore is in their eyes.

So if it depends on who’s saying what then I say some labels are appropriate and know
exactly what they represent leaving little room for error other labels seem to have multiple
personality disorder in no small part due to the fact that a lot of personalities for better or
worse can make what they want out of a term leaving it tailor fit and or seemingly fit for
whatever person, place, or thing. If anyone cares I did go on blind date once-- it didn’t
work out because she tried to put labels on me all damn night long...

Thanks for 99% positive comments just having some discussion rocks.
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