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[email protected] You got your Sega in my guitars!

So I was trolling the internet when I was meant to be working, as I usually do, and happened across some genius fucking madman who converted his Sega Genesis in to a motherfucking guitar.

Just look at that awesome!

So after seeing this I decided to look for other console based guitars and came across something that was even more awesome that what is pictured above.

"MORE awesome than that you say? But what could possibly top a guitar made out of a Sega!?"

I'll tell you what my friend, I'll tell you what.

ANOTHER guitar made out of a Sega console. But not just any Sega console..... >_>


Not only did they make a guitar out of one of the coolest consoles ever, but they implemented the controller as well! That's dedication right there folks.

So after seeing that console guitars were not as popular as I had initially thought, I scoured for some video game related guitars and came across this badass piece of tech. I think we can all agree that this guitar has some dangerously high levels of win...

Thats pretty much it. Im just bored out of my mind at work and can't be bothered doing what Im meant to be doing. If this is old or whatever I do not give a shit, it's awesome, and has not been talked about recently enough for me to find it from searching, so go atlus is fontaine yourself.
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