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Game Run! 8/12/08- Killer Instinct, TMNT: TF, Super Tennis


Every week or so, I do a "game run" when I'm in town, systematically going to every store that would sell used games and seeing what I can dig up. I usually find at least one good deal, however, I've never had a place to share my excitement for the treasures that I uncover until now...

Game Run! 8/12/08

1. Killer Instinct

System: SNES
Store: Eccentrix
Price: $6.00

Let's get one thing straight. I'm poor. That's also the reason why I missed a week or two, because I simply can't afford any games right now... I mean, you know you're poor when you're looking at Super Turrican and saying "I dunno... 5 bucks is a little much." Anyway, despite being broke, I came across a little extra cash and decided to treat myself to a couple of new games. One of which was, as you can see, Killer Instinct. I've been eying it for a while now, but simply couldn't bring myself to buy it. However, I had a friend coming over and wanted to have something to play with him. 6 dollars was a good price, though it's about as high as I would have gone for this game, it still rocks though.

If you haven't played the game...
...it's a 2D fighter that takes many of it's main elements from both Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. However, it's not simply another SF2 rip off. The game flows very smoothly and focuses heavily on linking together crazy-long combos. I think that might be the part like I best. It also features a countering system known as the "combo-breaker" (C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!) which works rather well.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

System: SNES
Store: Game Xchange
Price: $6.75

Why did I buy this game? I think it was one of those spur of the moment kind of things. Not that it's a terrible game by any means. I could have done much worse, but seriously... Is it really something I needed to spend nearly 7 dollars on? Probably not, but once again, my friend was coming over and he loves everything Ninja Turtles so I got this to play it with him. It's also just not a game I see for sale a lot.

If you haven't played the game...
...think Street Fighter 2 with Ninja Turtles. There are several versions of this Tournament Fighters, but apparently the SNES version is the most polished. It plays well and it may be a bit unbalanced, but it's still fun. I just wish that some of the more recognizable characters had been included. (NO CASEY JONES!? COME ON!!)

3. Super Tennis

System: SNES
Store: Game Xchange
Price: $1.75 (10% off! yay!)

Ok... It's official... I'm buying crap just buy it. Probably just to make myself feel better for not being able to afford Kirby's Dream Land 3, whose price tag taunts me day and night. You are so very cruel Kirby. So very cruel. I saw this game and it was a dollar. I also like old Tennis games actually and I hear this one is pretty good. So whatever. Yeah, I bought Super Tennis.

If you haven't played the game...
...it's Tennis. However, I already knew that and still didn't realize how hard this game was. Holy crap! It's nothing to write home about, but it was a dollar and it has some pretty cool Mode-7 effects so whatever.


I need money... Fast. My friend was even able to buy Earthbound this week and I got stuck with Super Tennis. A lot of good games have been rolling into Game Xchange lately, but I simply can't afford them. Maybe when I move back into the dorms and I'm buying less gas I'll be able to afford 7th Saga or Donkey Kong Country, but for now they laugh at me from the shelf in the back of the store.

I've also been on an SNES craze lately so I apologize for that. I REALLY want an NES (I gave my old one to charity... Long story.) but they're 60-40 dollars! Not to mention that the top-loading ones (which I REALLY want) are 80! Rediculous! I bought my second NES for 20 bucks like 6 or 7 years ago! Whatever though, I also haven't been buying a lot of games because I've been very satisfied playing Final Fantasy 3/6 and a couple of others so at least I don't NEED any new games. See you guys next week!
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