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Luc Bernard Quits

It's the end of an era. Well, for now at least.

It would appear as if Destructoid's old friend Luc "The Fluke" Bernard has thrown in the proverbial towel.

From his blog:

"Ok this is basically a blog post to announce that I won't be continuing in videogames."

I won't bore you with the rest of the post but to sum it up: cry, cry, cry, the media is mean, I are an alcoholic now, cry, I'm done with making games forever....for now.

There is some good that has come out of this situation though. This is an absolute crash course on how developers or publishers should not handle their games. Perhaps Luc has learned his lesson and will try to do things differently next time. I say next time because like anyone starved for attention, they make an unwarranted proud "come back." But for now, let's look at what Luc did wrong and how you, young game designer, can avoid these pitfalls.

1. Don't Suck - Well, right off the bat we've broken a rule. I haven't played the game or the demo (since it apparently still isn't out yet) but I will put my trust in my friend Conrad Zimmerman and his 1/10 review score.

2. Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You - Wuh oh. We broke this rule too. Trent Reznor does not approve of this move either. Luc was definitely given a platform to showcase his game by one of the best places to showcase it: Destructoid. Ahh, but then they reviewed it negatively and like a rabid animal he thrashed about wildly, tossing the blame on anyone he could. This was arguably the biggest blunder Luc made.

Has his reponse been, "Wow, that's quite an eye opening read. I have to say that I haven't heard these criticisms before but now that I have I'm going to get with my team so that we can make some changes as soon as possible. Thanks for reviewing my game" - I think the community would have been WAY more susceptible to giving the game a shot, out of curiosity if nothing else."

3. For Pete's Sake - Playtest Your Game - Another benefit of having your game showcased in a community like Destructoid is that you have automatically a group of people in there somewhere that would be willing to playtest your game because they are excited for it. I can think of 10 people off the top of my head that would have played this game and given what would have been CRUCIAL feedback to the development team.

4. ?????

5. You guessed it - PROFIT!

Luc, you got absolutely destroyed as much as anyone can be destroyed on the internet. So the good news is you've been through the roughest part (in this realm of success anyway). Your art style definitely turned many, many heads in the industry - so now, you just have to build on that. So, go now, build and make something for the kids to love.
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