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When Cow Met Shark – Cowzilla3 and Hamza spend a magical night together. Husky Holds door open


That’s right for a glorious two days (or one night and a day) Hamza and I met for the first time all thanks to EA inviting us out to their Dead Space Community day (I wasn’t with Dtoid). During that time Husky, who is interning at EA in San Francisco was our bitch as you can see by him holding that door open for me in the above photo. I bet you want proof. A photo of us together, right? Tough luck, we forgot to take one, but I did take this one of him walking

And this one of him holding a gun. I know you were always asking how Hamza could get more awesome, and now you know how: Plasma Cutters.

So what did we do while in each other presences. Well the first step was meeting the man. I arrived in the lobby of the hotel we were staying in promptly at the designated meeting point along with a few of the other reporters who were at the event. No sign of the land shark that is Hamza. I chatted, checking my watch looking around, meeting Andrew, the fine gentleman who set the whole event up. Then it happened. There was some sort of fanfare playing. I checked my watch and noticed that whoever was arriving was perfectly fashionably late – to the very second. I held my breath…

Then, like war hero returning home to his home town, Hamza entered the scene. My heart fluttered, my knees felt weak, I waved. He waved back. I kept my girl-at-a-Beatles-concert-like scream inside and the day continued on.

EA was all bout shoving food and alcohol down our throats and we happily obliged as they treated us to a screening of Evil Dead 2 and Sunshine. I was shocked by the amount of reporters there who had never seen Evil Dead 2. How you get through college, let alone high school, without seeing the greatest film ever made is a mystery to me. Still, I didn’t judge and met many awesome people over drinks, all comped by EA which was good because we were in a hotel where the drinks were the opposite of cheap. We stayed up late into the night discussing the merits of gaming and other things that entertain us. Finally, going to bed far too late and way to drunk.

Leading to me playing Dead Space the next day, totally exhausted and with a pounding headache. Luckily, the game is awesome and the presentations they showed us were really interesting (you can read my impressions over at TVGB if you want) so I was able to stay awake the entire time and my hangover was gone by lunch which was great because lunch was tacos! We also got to check out the EA store where ever game is 20 dollars. I picked up Boom Blox, because that is actually the price Boom Blox should be, and almost got Army of Two before I thought better of it.

After a day of gaming we returned to the hotel where Hamza had shoved his stuff in my room since I had an extra night and he did not. This makes two Dtoid editors (Ron did it at E3) who have used my hotel room for their sordid affairs and I have to tell you the used condoms and drug paraphernalia can get a little annoying all over the floor. Still I had to put up with it or Hamza said he’d tell everyone that I was whipped because I was taking care of my girlfriend’s Nintendog (long story).

Finally, the day was over and I left the hotel…without saying goodbye to Hamza! I was about two minutes away in my friends car when he called sobbing. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “You…gasp…left….gasp…without…saying….goodbye,” and then crumbled into tears. My friend quickly turned the car around, illegally, and a car chase with a cop ensued. I won’t go into to much detail but I will say that it is physically possible to flip a car end over end twice and land safely and then drive away. Needless to say I made it back to the hotel to say goodbye. It was truly

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