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Instant Replay: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Oh the Legend of Zelda series how I sing your praises. I never really played a Zelda game until I got my hands Ocarina for the Nintendo 64. I first saw this awesome game at my friends house while watching her brother play, let me tell you I was in awe of it. The sheer awesomeness of seeing Link running around Hyrule was jusst jaw dropping to me. Then my friends brother turned into adult Link and at that moment I just had to get my hands on this game to experience myself. Well it didn't happen until a couple years later that I got my hands on the game. My brother's dad gave him a N64 and a whole bunch of games and one of them was Ocarina of Time. My face lit up when the title screen appeared.

This was the game that I wanted to play forever and now I could finally play it myself. From the first time I was able to move around Kokiri forest I was so happy. The next great thing I loved was walking out of the forest and seeing Hyrule field and seeing the door to the castle market was amazing. You know, minus meeting that owl, almost everywhere I went. The first three temples were just a taste of what was to come when your reached adulthood.

When I was turned into a adult I swear I jumped up in excitement, I was like 12. To me that's where all the fun is in the game. The exploring of all the temples, except the water temple I hate that place so much and the shadow temple was just a creepy frakking place. The one temple I loved was the spirit temple, just the music and the atmosphere of the place was amazing! Also the whole going back in time to complete one part of the temple and then traveling to the future to completing the rest of the temple was interesting. That final boss is one of my favorite bosses ever and in my opinion one of the best bosses of all time. I remember my brother and I would fight over who get to fight the boss when we created a new file.

The whole ending scene of the game really made me sad and almost made me cry. One thing was how Zelda looked so sad as she said goodbye to Link, to this day that scene gets me all sad and what not. Well after beating the game, I just had to play it all over again and again. I knew what was coming and what was going to happen but I didn't care. I played and played that game so many times I could beat it with my eyes closed, okay not really but you get the point.

Also this game is what really hooked me onto games and gave me the idea of becoming a games designer, I would love to create a game that gives the same experience as Zelda but in a totally different way. Even today I will dust of my N64 and pop in the cartridge and play for hours. I get this nostalgic feeling when playing and feel like the 10 year old girl all over again.
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