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Red Faction: Guerilla Beta Impressions. It's pretty much awesome.


I have to say this first: When I first came across screens for the new Red Faction game, I was kind of appalled. Why, you ask? Well, the graphics were pretty fucking fugly. But that is not a good enough reason to write a game off without playing it, and I kept my hopes up it would turn out OK. After seeing Brad and Nick's hands-on impressions, and watching Brad crush himself with a tower, my enthusiasm returned, at least somewhat. I still wasn't sure if it would be good, but I was officially interested.

Well, I'm glad to say that I really enjoyed playing the online multiplayer beta for said game tonight. It was a hell of a lot of fun, and it's pretty awesome that I didn't even need to spend money to get into the beta. All I did was go to fileplanet after my little bro called me and told me about it. I'm sure as fuck glad he did, otherwise I may never have known the joys of hitting people over the head with a FUCKING BIG ASS HAMMER.

Seriously, it's easily the best weapon in the game. Sure, the Shotgun is effective like in most shooters, and the assault rifle is certainly usable, there is nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction I got every time I crushed someone with my giant hammer. The sickening thud it makes on contact only serves to complete the experience. It's ALMOST as awesome as chainsawing someone in half in Gears of War. And a hell of a lot easier.

But how does the rest of the game hold up? I won't get too specific; Nick and Brad covered the bases of it all far better than I could bother to. I'd link to them, but I'm lazy.

Anyway, the gunplay is fine. It's fun, but don't expect something amazing here. It controlled, IMO, better than other similar games like Warhawk, but it's still nothing special. But what of the environmental destruction, you ask? Now that shit is serious. I've never played a game that allowed so much to be destroyed. It is really something else, bringing down a tower and simultaneously killing both yourself and 2 or 3 enemies. I literally jumped out of my seat the first time I managed to kill someone besides myself just by knocking down a fucking building. Same goes for hitting people with that hammer. I screamed with joy.

Anyway, just felt like writing up my opinion on the game, considering it's 6 AM here on the east coast and my son hasn't slept all night. I will now go sit with him until either his mother wakes up in a few hours, or I die from sleep deprivation.

They don't call it the "terrible twos" for nothing. Trust me on this one, non-breeders.

PS: If you play this beta, watch out for those damn gas tanks, or whatever they are. I lost count of how many times I broke through a wall only to hit a tank and explode. Even that was kind of cool.
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