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Educate Yourself: Destructoid's Game of the Month Club - Wolfenstein 3D


We're back! I'm a bit late because EA forced me to play Dead Space for two days straight and traveling to California takes time damn it. But that doesn't mean that it's gonna be on like Donkey Kong for another money of retrotastic gaming in which we all learn a valuable lesson. This month we'll be hitting up our first FPS. Also, we'll try to make an FNF work this month as it wasn't so possible with good ol' Fallout.

Why did I choose this as the first FPS for Educate Yourself? Well because it basically is the first FPS. Well the first worth mentioning in my opinion. It not only laid the ground work for Doom, but basically the entire FPS genre for years to come. If we can't learn about games from this sucker then we probably can't learn anything at all. Plus it was an FPS that came out for the SNES. I mean, you don't see that every day.

Oh, there also happens to be an update for Wolfenstein 3D coming out pretty soon and while knowing the roots of a game like this probably isn't as important as say experiencing the first Fallout or RE so you can get a grasp on where the game is coming from it's still interesting to see how far we've come. I know whenever I pop in an old FPS I'm constatnly struggling with the inability to look up and down. The road has been long and twisting. Don't you want to know how we got here?

Finally, you get to kill Hitler. I am of the belief that Nazis are the greatest enemy in any game or movie because they're so easy to hate. At the moment you might be thinking that you've killed far to many Nazis in games. This might be true, after all they are one of the most used bad guys ever. But how often do you get to kill Hitler himself? Rarely and Wolfenstein 3D has the balls to let you do it.

So get ready to have fun storming the castle. It's time for Educate Yourself.

Where to Get It
The game is shareware so you can basically download it almost anywhere for free. Here's a link to the first site that popped up on google: Link
Like portable versions? - Amazon
Or you can grab one of the many, many iterations from ebay. Maybe you happen to own a Jaguar.

Blog About It!
Remember if you see something cool in the game write something about it. Get a conversation going. Remind us all of your best Wolfenstein 3D memories. Get some writing done! This is as good a reason as any.

Talk About It

Play It
FNF info coming soon.
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