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Sir Winston Q. Androidicus to appear in Eternity's Child!

The Eternity's Child debacle has come to a head, with designer Luc Bernard planning to patch Mr. Destructoid out of his game following our 1/10 review. While many people are now being even more angry at Luc, some of us (the more cynical, self-serving ones) have spied an opportunity to promote themselves at the expense of Dtoid.

With Mr. D now out of the picture, the time has come to reveal my own mascot which will take his place. Yes, for the first time in videogame history, Jim Sterling's personal mascot, Sir Winston Q. Androidicus will be appearing in Eternity's Child!

As you can see, Sir Winston is more than a match for the main character of Eternity's Child, otherwise known as Mr. Main Character of Eternity's Child. Looks like Bernard's hit game is about to get even hittier. Androidtastic!
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