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Rules for the Atlanta Rock Band Tournament

If you live in Atlanta, it's free to enter. Come check it out August 13 at Cheyenne Grill
(8:30pm). Check out for more info.


I was having a ridiculously hard time with this, but this seems incredibly fair to me for

Unless everyone decides to play guitar, then that will be even easier and it will be strictly
score based.

Now, on to the rules:

- Solo

- Choose your instrument (Mic, Guitar, Drums)

- Play the song I choose

- We will tally the scores in the instrument groups for the three Wednesdays beginning
August 13. Whoever has the best score in their bracket (microphone, guitar, drum) will be
in the finals. So one person from the microphones vs. one person from the drums vs. one
person from guitar.

At this point, it will be determined by percentage of notes hit. I will choose a song in the last
tier of songs for each instrument. Whoever has the best percentage of notes hit wins.

Those will be the rules followed unless everyone decides to play the same instrument.
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