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Temporary Gaming Setup, Preparing for EUROnarp :-)

As some of you might know, the reason I'm having this EURONARP ( read this blog for more info on that ) is because I'll be moving to my newly built appartement at the end of September, however, our previous appartements contract ends on the 15th of August already, so we have to be out of there by that time...

As my girlfriend's parents live in Vienna, we planned to use their house to live in for the time between the 15 of August and the end of September... but then her sister decided to get pregnant, so on the 14th of August, my girlfriend's mom is coming to live in her home again for a few weeks...

So I had to get out, since all my consoles would be packed, it would be the ideal moment for doing something fun with them :-) There haven't been many narps in Europe, and most of them in the UK, so I figured, why not revive my old place see it here to have a EURONARP ? :-)

damn, I love my TV :p

K hope to see a lot of you at the EURONARP, and hope you enjoyed this example of what is possible with the least amount of material to still build an "impressive" gamingsetup :-)

wow the text is a bit loose apparently, still kinda like it, nice demonstration of the storm that is going on in my head :-)
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