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Instant Replay: Graffiti is Fun


Graffiti is art. It is also highly entertaining, yet illegal, and I (along with this game) do not condone the real life action of vandalism. So if you are caught drawing fancy letters on the side of a train, you're on your own pal.

Way back in the day I had a Dreamcast. My brother, however, sold it after Sega stopped supporting, as he is an idiot that does not understand the value of gaming collection. While I still owned said Dreamcast, I once rented a game called Jet Grind Radio. It was stylish, quick, and entertaining, and for those who don't know the, the goal is to run around the city tagging certain parts with graffiti before time ran out. The more tags you sprayed the higher alert the police, and later the golden rhinos, would have out on you and would chase you down and try to stop you.

Needless to say, I was a little young at the time, roughly 11 or so, and it was very challenging to me, as the police always screwed me over. I never got very far into, because about a day into playing it, the disc froze. When I inspected the disc, it was completely scratched from a previous rental. At least I had assumed so since I had only just bought my dreamcast about a month before hand. Even though I had enjoyed the game I had never had the initiative to go out and buy the full version. A few years later, however, my true interest in the series would be set off by a sequel on the XBOX, Jet Set Radio Future.

The premise was the same, but the time limit had been scrapped and added as an extra mode to unlock characters after you beat the game, and instead of the police chasing you throughout the entirety of a level, you would reach certain points in which you had to "fight" the police by tagging their backs to knock them out (or tagging various vehicles such as tanks and helicopters to make them explode. I know, it doesnt make a TON of sense, but go with it.) Other than that, it was pure riding around and spraying graffiti, trying to take the streets back from the man while listening to the pirate radio Jet Set Radio, hosted by the man himself DJ Professor K.

I find it odd that this game makes me go back and play through it at least once a year, considering it is nearly the same game everytime, but without fail there will be this urge in me that all of a sudden I'll say to myself "whelp, time to play jet set radio future" and then play through it for a couple of days. Its addiciting, fun, enjoyable, and has me look back fondly on my childhood. Although i had not played much of the original, the regret of not buying it looms over me to this day, but a part of that regret is soothed everytime i pick JSRF up. That is the point of this musing, that replayability does not have to do with multiplayer, different experiences, or even increases in difficulty.

JSRF is so enjoyable, that year after year I come back to it because it means something to me as a game. I play alot of video games, and only a few others can claim to draw me in as many times as JSRF. I know it may seem like I rambled on about my history with the game, and not about why I play it over and over, and if you still think that now: THATS THE POINT. I have a deep personal history with the game enough so that it is the reason that I play it over and over. I get a mental enjoyment over the fact that I'm playing JSRF that I don't get when I play many other games. It also doesn't hurt that spraying graffiti on things is fun. So as I end this musings, I only have one thing to say. Sega, get off your ass and make a damn sequel already. God.

Play on Professor K. Play on.
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