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And thus, we begin!

People of the CyberStellarNet, hear my cry! For once again, a new star is born unto this universe, unbeknowst to all of its citizens! But it is still here and it illuminates onwards, vanquishing the seemingly neverending darkness. That star... IS HERE.

Okay, was that dramatic enough? I never know how the hell to start any of these things. It's no good to go "Hey, how's it going! First (blog) post!" And it's never any fun to just mumble about and go right into the serious topics first. I don't have a decent camera to show off my bachelor pad (Which noone ever visits since I'm in the middle of nowhere.) and I don't really have any hot tips or rumors from the internet to begin this path of wayward destruction. I've had this user name for a while and thought about what to do with it. A couple of ideas sprang to mind, but nothing really "hit" me to type. So as I pondered throughout the lateness of the night, my good friend Aaron popped online.

"Hey, John" he typed. "I have the current batch of skits up on ye olde streaming video site. Here's the links."

Skits? Skits? Oh snap, that's right! I'm part of a sketch comedy group! And these videos happen to be concerning games of the video nature! When you can't think of anything to say, plugging videos on the internet is just as good as saying something, right? Right. We'll discuss it on the video reply later, my friend.

So, yes, Shameless Plugging it is!

In my spare time, I work with a friend of mine conspiring to create a sketch comedy thing called "Channel Z: The Last TV Station" (http://www.thelasttvstation.com/) We're only just starting out with the concept, but we've been plotting and conjuring up rare artifacts for the future well before this and we hope to have even more soon enough.

Let's begin.

For most of grade school, my knowledge of the military rank structure had two ranks: "The Contra Guy" and "Not the Contra Guy". Generally, the Not Contra Guys didn't get nearly as much respect from me as the former. And by not a lot of respect I mean, "set on fire". Then again, I spent an unhealthy amount of time in third grade trying to construct a Rush Jet skateboard, so this probably further solidifies just how delusional I was/am/will continue to be.

This was a random thing cooked up in between shooting the other skit. It's also why I'm no longer allowed to wear the gas mask. Roy Campbell called and told him I was coming to crash the party anyway. :(

Hope you guys enjoy these as much as we enjoyed making them. Any sort of comments and criticism are certainly welcome and in fact encouraged. Dances of deligh or even of sorrow are also encouraged, but only so we can buy time to ward off the evil spirits surrounding such incantations.

As for what the future holds? Well, now that I've gotten first post syndrome out of the way, I have a few ideas that are begging for some actual commentary. Perhaps I shall share it soon with all of you! Until then, have fun!

Now, I go pick up my Korg DS-10 import because UPS apparently thought I moved out of my house since the last time they delivered a package here. Bah!
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About johannhatone of us since 7:30 AM on 11.21.2007

Yo. I'm this dude. I do the things that make my life revolve around. Or something or other. Mostly, I try to figure out how to fit the mission guy from Bad Dudes into anything and everything. To show how dedicated I am to this idea, I own the domain https://www.badenoughdude.com/ Someday, I may even do more with it! Aside from that, I'm also the writer of a webcomic called RIPtheSYSTEM (https://www.ripsystem.com) and spend a lot of my time thinking up too many damn ideas for my own good. If this was an earlier time, I would have been executed for such things. Instead, I can just bitch about them on the internet. Hooray!

When I'm not doing weird stuff on the internet, I'm doing weird stuff behind or in front a camera. I'm part of the duo who created the sketch comedy group "Channel Z: The Last TV Station" (https://www.thelasttvstation.com/) Some of it has to do with video games!

When I'm not doing either of the two above, I'm planning my war room for when I get rich. It'll look exactly like the room in Wargames and have the game "Defcon" constantly playing at all times. You cannot sway me from this path.
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